Finding purpose

Creative Art Background made of old paint brushes, alboums, palett, colored pencils and other tools for drawing

“Where your talents and needs of the world cross; there lies your purpose” –Aristotle

I’ve spent a fair amount of time these last several years, searching for who I am in Christ, and what God’s purpose for my life is. My sincere desire is to be completely in HIS will, so I have spent many hours praying and crying and trying to discern what that will is.

Then I ran across this quote from an ancient philosopher. And I wondered. Could what I desire to do most each and every day, be the very thing that I was meant to do? Hmmm…

Purpose is such an obscure concept sometimes; at least the way that I see it.  I seem to be looking for an exact route, a roadmap to success. I want to know when I wake up, that the first step I take is an ordered step. That the process of getting ready for my day, or tackling the chosen project is exactly what I should be doing.

I don’t want to waste any time.

Yet each morning I seem to do just that – waste time.

I drink coffee – sometimes two or three cups of the comfort liquid

I check emails – most of them are spam that somehow found its way into my inbox L

I daydream about the things that I would like to do that day, or make mental lists of the things I need to do – most of which never end up happening

I waste time.

Or do I?

My head tells me each morning that I need to be a producer; that I need to work at something that will bring money to my family. It tells me that I need to be a productive member of society and work to increase business and complete jobs. (I do have a day jobJ) But everything in me just wants to craft; to make something beautiful. Paint, cut, write…create.

And this is where I begin to wonder. If I have such a strong desire to do these things…am I missing out on my purpose if I ignore them?

My rational brain tells me that doing these things doesn’t bring in money – it spends it.

My rational brain says that these are things to do after the real work has been done for the day.

My rational brain argues that this couldn’t possibly be my purpose as God wouldn’t want me to be hurt financially.


Yet each morning the desire to create is overwhelming. And I continue to search for my purpose.

It was after a weekend art festival that I decided to participate in, that the roadmap slowly came into focus.

I had created some art journals and cards that held expressions of love and encouragement from God; scripture, sayings, quotes, words that will soothe the soul. As people wandered in and out over the three day festival, I heard stories of heartbreak and uncertainty. The stories almost always pointed to a specific quote that I had penned or painted. I showed each person the messages within that I believe God wanted them to hear. Sometimes it ended in a sale, and sometimes I simply gave it to them to soothe their aching hearts. Laughter and tears filled my days and the inspiration that I gave, more often than not inspired me.

An accident? I think not. Each one of those treasured people came to me for a reason – to be encouraged, inspired, or comforted…God’s purpose for my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I certainly couldn’t live on what I made during those three days for sure, but I truly believe that it is my purpose to encourage others through art and words. I will continue each and every day through prayer and art to create inspiration for those that are placed in my path.

And the day job?

Well let’s just say that I will be hanging on to that for awhile J

All for His glory!


4 responses to “Finding purpose

  1. Oh, I just loved your words today! I can so totally relate. So often I wonder what my purpose is. Certainly God expects more from me. But then-oh, but then- God orchestrates a purposeful encounter. One that never would have happened had my schedule been filled with busyness or activity. An encounter that requires availability and flexibility, an open heart and listening ear. I remain in awe how the Masterful Planner fills my calendar.


    • Thanks brenda! Yes, He is amazing!! I am often astonished by the way He orchestrates my days…everything so perfectly timed. Good thing God’s in control and not me!!


      • I feel the same way as Brenda; but our gifts were given to us for a reason, as we ravel our gifts into our every day we feel more whole. I am so happy Lisa as I read this today It makes me so happy and pleased. Love ya girl


  2. So happy that I could make you happy Vanessa! Integrating our gifts into the everyday should be effortless I would think if they are truly your gifts. It should be a natural part of who you are. Although some don’t really know who they are…they are chameleons of the world! I’ve had my moments for sure!!


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