Our Writers

Lisa Evola

Lisa is passionate about leading.  Leading women in realizing their strengths. Leading people towards the love of Jesus. Leading everyone to seek a deeper relationship with God. She is a writer, a teacher and an organizer, and desires to make other’s dreams come true. Besides being the founder and content editor for a beautiful life, Lisa writes inspiration for journaling and  for seeking the presence of God. You can see her daily inspiration at her personal blog space: www.lisaevola.com

Mischele Makhlouf

Mischele is an all around do-it-yourself-er! Much of what she knows has been learned from her father, and he created a love in her heart for building the world around her. She loves to encourage women that they too can do many of the things that need to be done around the house and her goal is to teach these lessons to those who are willing to try.

Maria Wolfe

Maria has a lifetime love of books and food! Her passion is to share that love and encourage others to create both healthy and tasty recipes. Writing is quickly becoming another passion and she is in the process of writing her first book which will include recipes  that will keep you cooking and your family eating!

Vanessa Chesters ~ Vanessa’s life over the last seven years has been quite a journey in which she has learned to live every moment of every day with gratitude. Her giftings enable her to  relate to the hurting and to be able to guide and soothe their weary souls with words of encouragement from God. He sincere desire for for all people to see their worth and love themselves as God loves them.

Brenda Gerland ~Brenda is a native Texan, currently living on Lake Travis in Austin, with her husband and golden retriever. Enjoying the empty nest, and the retired life, Brenda has spent the past few years writing and compiling a daily devotional, Dancing in the Drought, due for publication in the late fall of 2013.  She considers herself more of a storyteller than a writer—God has already written the story of our lives and she feels hers is worth sharing because it provides hope to all who feel they aren’t worthy of salvation and redemption. Now that she has been bitten by the story-telling bug, she is continuing to share her life through blogging. Her other passion is visiting with women and mentoring “younger” girls. She is also a small group leader for the women’s Bible study program at her church.

Heidi Wilt ~ Heidi has been walking with the “Love of her life”, JESUS, since she was 12. The journey and testimony of what Christ does in each of or lives is worth sharing! Heidi has been in the medical field for 28 yrs and currently works contingent as a C.T. Technologist. Her passion is in Art, which lead her to start a Decorative Painting business, Creative Finishes, LLC in 1999. God has and continues to call her to use those talents to serve Him. Being a Follower of Christ means that we bring HIM into EVERY aspect of our lives, Heidi hopes to bring some examples and real life experience of that to this blog. Heidi and her husband Jim serve as mentors for the Young Adult group at their church and have lead Bible studies for many years both in their home and church. “Blessed to be a part of this new adventure of sharing in written word”

Glynda Johnson ~ God has seen fit to craft a life for Glynda that has never been static. She has one husband, two married children, a growing number of grandchildren and two dogs. . As a military spouse, she’s faced many challenges and many moves- 11 times in 20 years! She’s been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, consultant, pianist, beekeeper, grandmother, friend, and now…a writer of what God would have her share.

Through poetry and story, Glynda attempts to sift through the clutter that is life, shrink down the issues that overwhelm, and focus on eternal truths.  Her message… find your joy!  Splendor is waiting to be discovered in everyday moments.  Step back and you will gain perspective by observing God’s grand design.  Look closely and see the brush strokes of God’s love and power on your life. Glynda’s prayer is that God will use her strengths and abilities to encourage others to discover the limitless capacity of a life fully vested in Christ.

Barbara Koob is a gifted writer and speaker who learned to hope and dream with purpose. An ordinary woman with the most extraordinary dreams, she is desperate for God to splash His blessings as she joyfully inspires others to welcome God, receive His healing touch, and step out into their destiny.

Barb is a graduate of the Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) Dunamis Institute and their Advanced Healing Program. She published the article Have You Encountered the God Who Sees? in the Proverbs31 Everyday Life Blog (June 2013) and is currently working on a book entitled Dream Discoveries. Gently guiding readers on their personal journey, Dream Discoveries stirs the hearts of readers to awake to the God whisperer and learn to hope…using the gift of biblical dream interpretation.

Today, Barb serves as the Prayer Director for the Hope Chapel Women’s Ministry in Apex, N.C.  She teaches and mentors about biblical dream interpretation, healing and prayer at her local church and the Hope Ministry Institute, but you can also find her on her on her “Beautifully Made” blog (beautifully-made.org) where she journals her life as a real Barbie doll on her road to freedom.


Jane Wheeler lives with her husband and 2 golden retrievers in an oil town in Northern Alberta, Canada. Jane hasIMG_0145 three grown sons that bring joy, excitement and sometimes lots of prayer to her life. Jane has been teaching, leading and writing for over 30 years as God leads and directs her.

Jane’s life has been characterized by her friends as “never dull and boring”.

Jane is the author of two published books and the incorporator of Ray of Sunshine Ministries where it is their goal to bring light and hope to people wherever they may be in their life journey by sharing God and His Grace, Mercy and Love with others.

Website: http://www.rayofsunshineministries.com

Christie Thomas is a science-loving, zumba-dancing Christ-follower with a passion to help families cultivate authentic faith in their homes. She has the three best jobs in the world: Mom, part-time Director of Children’s Ministries at her church in Alberta, Canada, and the author of “Wise for Salvation: Meaningful Devotions for Families with Little Ones”. She blogs about becoming a faith-filled mom at wiseforsalvation.comChristie’s favourite people in the whole world are her husband and three young boys, who just happen to be the most interesting, creative, and precious boys on the planet. 
Cultivating authentic faith in the home at www.wiseforsalvation.com

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