Heidi’s Thoughts


Heidi’s usual work environment

Lisa,  asked me to join ABL two years ago, knowing that I am not a writer she encouraged me and felt I had something to give. She is brave and trusting, LOL. Hope that you will find encouragement and God’s love in my posts!

I am a Decorative Artist with my own business, Creative Finishes, LLC (www.creativefinishesbyheidi) above photo shows my usual work environment 😅; I work contingent on weekends as  a C.T. Technologist; just started an etsy shop, Finishes by Heidi; starting to film a show “The Urban Woman” with a local T.V. Station (not sure where God is taking that, but I am walking through that door);  I teach furniture and decorative wall finish painting for TextureLine and  Metropolis; I sing on the Worship team at my church and currently working with The Alabaster Gift, which helps in fight against sex and labor trafficked women in MI. I don’t have any writing accolades, but hope to write a book about my testimony someday…..

      My greatest joys and accomplishments are my love for Jesus #1; my husband and best friend of 29 yrs, and my our two adult children, daughter, and son, (Both love Jesus, praise God!).  I am an artist/creative to my core: gardening; cooking; baking; entertaining; hospitality; painting with mixed media; crafting of all sorts; and backyard chicken farming all help to scratch my creative itch! Sharing my gifts and talents is paramount, as I know that it all belongs to God and bringing HIM glory.

Life is a tad crazy, but with God at the center ALL things are possible!
Abundant Blessings,