Herbs at your fingertips!

Exodus 12:8 “That same night they are to eat the meat roasted over the fire along with bitter herbs, and bread made without Yeast.”

Now that Passover and Easter are over let us not forget so quickly what Jesus did for us on the cross. The bitter Herbs in this passage signified the bitterness of slavery at that time God’s people were enslaved to Egypt. As we are still enslaved by sin let us remember the True Sacrificial Lamb Jesus. Our herbs are no longer bitter!

Herbs in your kitchen: I found a really cute way to keep Herbs in the kitchen without much maintenance, time or effort. This project only took me an hour to do with very little cost. It brings a little warmth into your kitchen as well as convenience of herbs on hand at any time while you are cooking or sipping your favorite tea.

You will need to find a few patches of Moss in your back yard or woods and dig them up. If you don’t have any already at home, your local garden supply will most likely have the iris moss variety. I have an abundance of moss around my house and it is kind of cool to find other uses for it. I purchased 2 different herbs to start with but feel free to go crazy. You will also need:

Potting soil                                          pebbles if desired (Dollar store)

Jute, twine or cotton yarn            Spray bottle of water

Begin by taking a large piece of moss and lay it upside-down in the base of a bowl or plate. Take the herb and tenderly add potting soil around the base of the plant and shape into a ball. Fold your moss up and around the sides. Add pieces in and around till the ball is covered with moss, much like a little patchwork quilt. Now take your yarn or jute and begin wrapping it around holding the moss and root ball together. I have to admit that this took a little balancing and effort but it finally came together. I added the pebbles to the bottom of my garden container for looks and then set my herb on top and adorned the area with some carvings my sister made for me.

In a week or so the moss should take root. It acts like a natural moisture laden cover for the herb. Ahhh fresh herbs in the kitchen  with a natural ecological system that only needs misting 1 to 2 times a week.

Fun Facts!

Rosemary gives you Brainpower

Parsley prevents breast Cancer

Mint helps the colon and Irritable bowel syndrome

Oregano fights inflammation

Thyme & Sage are great antioxidants. Sage has a slightly higher level.

Eat healthy and enjoy!

May God Bless you and keep you.

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