Simple Signs


This project is so simple…too simple in fact which is why I love it! The cost was $14.80 - not too bad for this adorable welcome sign!

Today’s quick and easy project includes:

  • small wooden cut outs of your choice
  •  a framed chalk board (I got mine at Michaels, but you could create your own with wood and chalk paint)
  •  good old Elmer’s glue and chalk.

Lay the chalk board down on the table and begin configuring where you would like to place your wooden cutouts. I purchased flower and bird cut outs because they seem to be a predominant theme all over my house.

There were so many  choices, it was difficult to choose, but choose I did. I bought four different designs! They were so affordable and cute. I don’t know what I will do with them all, but I am sure an occasion will present itself sometime in the near future! (If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with our readers in the comment section….)

Once I had them glued in to place I customized the sign. “Welcome”or “Think Spring!” comes to mind, or even place a favorite piece of scripture on it.  {2 Chronicles 20:21 Give Thanks! For His Love endures Forever!}

I think it would also be an adorable way to accentuate a kid’s room. You could use it to leave love notes or keep track of things, like chores - ha!. The possibilities are endless!

Above all, enjoy the creative process!

Tags: art for the non artist, chalk board ideas, creating, creation, creative projects, DIY, projects, spring diy, welcome signs

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