a week in a beautiful life ~ weekend wrap-up

Here is what you’ve missed this week at a beautiful life:

May 22 psalm 37 printableIdentity – psalm 37:23-24 printable -lisa evola

Do you know who you are? and whose?

The one who loves you delights in you. He is there to guide you and keep you from stumbling.

Reach up and take His outstretched hand.  {read more}
reach-out-and-hug-someoneHave You Hugged Someone Today? -Janis Cox

How do you feel when you get a physical hug? I am a “hugger”.  I love to get hugs.

How many people have you hugged today?

Animals and humans have receptors that are therapeutic for touch that allows you to connect on many levels – physically and emotionally. {read more}


A Confident Word On a High Ridge  -Marcia Lee Laycock

“Now we have a decision to make.” I shifted in my saddle to look at our trail guide. “We can go back the way we came up, or we can follow this ridge to the other side of that mountain.” {read more}


“The privilege of God’s Presence!”

“The privilege of God’s Presence!” -Marie Bride

God does not want us to do life alone really resonates with me.

As an introvert I truly relate and understand the need to be alone and the feeling of being over stimulated and or feeling anxious. {read more}



maymistyA Leap of Faith -Misty Phillip

Have you ever wanted to try something new, or learn a new skill, but you were afraid to get started? Or is there a desire or dream within you to do something and you just don’t feel qualified to do it?  {read more}


may identityFractured Identity -Lisa Evola

I sat with my arms wrapped tightly around her. The sobs shook her whole body, breathe catching as she tried to tell me what had happened. She had been told by someone she loved and trusted that she was nothing, worthless, a failure- and it wasn’t the first time. As the words fell from her lips, she sobbed harder and squeezed her eyes shut…{read more}

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