I Was Being Courted by Another Man (YIKES!)

Have you ever been courted by another man while you were married? Well, this type of thing often happens in my dreams, and you just need to know how to interpret it correctly.

The Covenant of Agreement Dream Symbols include dating, kissing, marriage and sex. They indicate that you are contractually obliged to a particular thing in your life. In every case, you must discern these symbols using the people symbol.

Also, the level of your agreement is also revealed in your covenant action. Dating is just seeing a person, while a kiss good night takes it to the next level. I probably should mention that marriage used to come before six. God creating kissing, marriage and sex, and they are beautiful when correctly used in accordance to His design.

Here are some simple examples:

  • If in my dream, I am married to my husband, it reveals that I am faithful to my wedding vow.  Symbolically speaking, this refers to the fact that I am staying true in my heart, my soul and my actions to my first love, the Lord Jesus.  In this case, my husband represents Jesus, my bridegroom. (Revelations 21:2,9)
  • Conversely, if I am dating or kissing a man in my dreams who is not my husband, or even entertaining the idea, it could indicate that I am tied to an old flame in my life. That love reveals a form of idolatry, a love for something else other than God. (Hosea 1:2, 2:2)
  • What if you are not married? You can still use that people symbol to determine what God things about your thoughts or actions. Take a look at that people symbol, for you already know if this symbol is a good or bad influence. For sure, God will show you.

A few weeks ago, I received a great personal dream message from God. Normally, God uses these “covenant of agreement” symbols to speak to me about not being in agreement with His purposes; yet, this time was different.  So can you read through my dream and try to discern why?

I am on a school bus being courted by many people.  Actually I am being pursued by several guys. For some reason, they think I am single. In particular, there are these two guys who see me, and want to date me.  

Oh my! What I am going to do about this?



I tell them I am not available. I am MARRIED to my husband Jim. 


I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamt this type of dream, but I chose the other man.  Of course, I was not having an affair in real life, but I knew God was talking to me about some other love in my life. (Big sigh here!)  However, this time, I awoke with a smile. Here’s a little trail of the  symbolic details:

  • The school bus indicates that I am on a training journey.
  • The various people symbols reveal all the many distractions in my life. (In my past, I know I have looked to people rather God.)
  • The various men courting me indicate possible idols that are attempting to draw me away from God.
  • My husband Jim is symbolic of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But with this dream, I chose my husband. I chose the Lord!  How wonderful to see this good choice in my dreams. It was confirmation of something that the Lord recently told me to do.

Wanna know what He said to me? Click here to read about how I would see God do some amazing things.



PS. Are you interesting in learning more about your dreams? Take a look at my book Dream Discoveries.  

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