Marcia Laycock

Marcia Laycock is the author of One Smooth Stone for which she won the Best NewMarcia Lee Laycock Canadian Christian Author Award in 2007. The sequel, A Tumbled Stone was also short-listed for a Word Award and has garnered excellent reviews. Marcia’s three devotional books, Spur of the Moment, A Traveler’s Advisory and Abundant Rain, are listed among her award-winners and she has contributed to several anthologies including all three of the Hot Apple Cider books. Her most recent release is Celebrate This Day, a devotional for special occasions. Journey to a Strong Tower, book one of her fantasy series, Higher Ways, also recently won a Word Award at Write Canada in Toronto Ontario. Marcia is a sought-after speaker for women’s events and writers’ conferences. Find more information on the web at her Website, Amazon, Smashwords