Playing Church



I was at a prayer conference last weekend and something that the speaker said is still rattling around in my soul.  It is not that I do not believe him or even that I think it might not be true, rather the stirring is coming because it makes me so very sad.

He quoted a study that one of the big “survey giants” did across North America. The findings were that the majority of Christians they polled said they do not feel close to God.  8 out of 10 of those said they only feel close to God when they are at church. Then 50% of those said they have not felt close to God in the past year. *

Wow! That was a shocker for me. Is it possible that we are living in such a superficial way in our current lifestyle that we are only “playing church?” Meaning that we truly do not even know what being close to God means?  Rather are we are going through the motions hoping it is good enough to get us to the finish?  (which in this case is heaven)

If this is the case then it is no wonder our churches are typically found to be “boring” by the younger generation. It is no wonder that our neighbors are not breaking down the church doors to find out what makes us different – because we plainly must not be.

The sadness comes for me when I think about how exciting a real relationship with God is. I mean having an intimate personal relationship with the God of this universe, knowing that He is interested in me, how cool is that?! The vibrant and exciting life where every day is an adventure with God. You get up out of bed and say “God bring it on!  How are you going to amaze me today?” Living in this sense of wonder is not boring!

This kind of thinking is the fuel to ignite your soul, it brings anticipation, it stirs up your spirit, life becomes a romance, a story that is played out between you and God. This is the relationship God wants with us.

I hope that I am stirring something in your soul; a want.  A want to engage with God at an even closer level. A want that says “I want to be amazed by God today.”  A want that is open and willing to try living in this expectant way.

It is a new day, not a day of drudgery and “same olds”,  make a decision that, today, you plan and expect to be amazed by God.


*Quoted from Daniel Henderson = Strategic Renewal – Prayer Conference October 13,14, 2017 Gr. Prairie, Alberta



One response to “Playing Church

  1. Jane you have hit it right on! Living in wonder has to be an expectant choice. We have to want to see it, expect to see it, and ask to see it. Look at all the miracles Jesus displayed in his day, yet the Pharisees and many others did not see the wonder of it. I believe Jesus said himself that the people will only believe if they see, but blessed are those who don’t see yet still believe. This is true today. People want proof of the existence of God…but the proof is all around us if we only choose to see it. And when we make that choice and live in that reality, the wonder opens up in a real and vital way.
    I pray that we can all see some wonder today, and then share it with someone else.
    Thanks for the reminder jane!


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