What is Hiding in Your Closets?

What is hiding in your closets?

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This past week we decided to paint our hallway and front entrance. That meant cleaning out two closets. Even though I vacuum the floors and occasionally stick the vacuum hose into the closets, I don’t often take out everything and get to the corners. The same is true for the fridge and the stove; I am still aghast at what I can find behind those two appliances.

Dust and dirt accumulate slowly without our noticing. And not until we stop, and purposefully put aside the stuff that hides the dirt do we truly see it. And when I took out the pails and the mops all the dirt is not easy to see, as the closets are dark.

Those hidden dark corners - we have them in our lives as well.

We cover them with smiles and laughs; fill our days with busy activities so we don’t have to think about them; we build excuses to cover them up. But they are still there and someday when we do a clean-out we find them.

When that happens Jesus can work on our hearts and souls.

When we see what is there we can lift all that “muck” to the Lord, He can help us do a deep clean. In my case I have noticed lately that some of my words seem to trigger a negative reaction from my husband. I asked God to show me when I was doing this and help me to stop it. He did and I did.

But wait a moment – that wasn’t the end. Jesus has shown me that He wants me to go deeper than that. He wants me to look at why I say those words. What is lurking in the corner of my mind or heart that makes me want to say the words in the first place?

I haven’t come up with the answer yet.

Is it still my old sin of control? Mmm.

Maybe I am on to something. I will work on this. You know what will be in my prayers this week.

Do you have dark hidden corners in your life? Do your closets have dust under the stuff?


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4 responses to “What is Hiding in Your Closets?

  1. This was so good Janis. It’s definitely led me to endeavor continuously searching for the hidden muck within that I desire GOD to clean out of me as well🙏🏽❤️😇

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    • Rene,
      Thank you so much. We all have hidden muck. God knows it all so it might as well be in the open so He can work on it.


  2. Thanks for this challenging post, Janis. “Search me, O God, and know my heart today…” A prayer we need to pray often, but sometimes avoid.

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    • Ruth,
      Thank you. For God knows us completely - but we need to speak the truth out to Him so He knows we know.


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