breathing in

life is hard

…breathe in

there is so much pain in the world

….breathe out

each day seems to be a struggle

…breathe in

Did you know that the very act of breathing can heal your body, relax sore muscles, alleviate chronic pain, and give you more energy both mentally and physically?

If that is true, you might say, I should be tip top. I breathe all day long, every day.

But what is the quality of your breathing?

We won’t go into the mechanics of it all here.  There are many amazing articles on the health of breathing correctly. But I think it would be interesting to explore its spiritual nature.

This week has been hard.

I’m feeling weary, uninspired and empty…so this morning I breathe in


Oxygen flows into my brain, muscles and corners of my being that I’m sure I don’t even know exist. It is what we are supposed to do. It is what we were made to do

…breathe in

Life begins with breath – the breath of God.

It is vital in making us exactly who we are. We were formed first without it…then it was given

…breathe out

God breathed out, into our bodies, giving us life.

…and we breathed in

That first breath. It is the rhythm of existence

Breathe out….breathe in

God’s breath filled us with all that is good. HIS life. HIS breath. HIS name.

The very name of GOD is breath

Hebrew words give great insight to this. First: the SPIRIT of GOD hovered

Ruah=Spirit {nooma in greek}

– listen to how that sounds when you say it. You must first take a breath, then it is exhaled out, long and deep. The Spirit of God breathed out, hovering above His clay, breathing words of creation

Then Moses stands on sacred ground and is given a sacred name – but this is the ground that Moses has walked for years. Did it all of a sudden BECOME sacred? Or was it always sacred, the busyness of life distracting him from that reality?

Yaweh – which means literally “I Am Who I Am”, represented by 4 Hebrew letters: YHWH {to say it sounds like breathing}

…breathe in -YaH

…breath out – WeH

If we have life because YHWH breathed His life into us, wouldn’t we always be treading on sacred ground?

The reality of this hits me and I become much more aware of my breathing

…breathe in

…breathe out

And the truth of the ground that I stand on sinks in and I am overwhelmed with presence

…breathe in

…breathe out

Experts say that we get 99% of our energy from the oxygen taken in when we breathe, and that the truly healing breath comes from our stomachs, not our chest. Yet when we are busy, distracted, hurried, stressed out, our breath comes much more quickly. Shallow and from the upper body. But breathing is such a natural thing, who really thinks about it?

…breathe in

…breathe out

But when we slow down, meditate, pray, say the name of God – the breath is deeper, soulful, God-inspired. God’s breath – I AM what He has given us from the moment of creation. HE knew us, and by the very act of taking that first breath, did we know HIM too? We take it for granted, this breath.

…breathe in

…breathe out

But what if we were to slow down, rest more, focus on His name… the very breath we take, every minute of every day. Would it change things? Would it make a difference if we breathed IN the name of God


And breathed OUT the worry. The stress. The busyness of life. The pain we carry. The things that distract us from the very breathing that gives us life?


Would it change our reality?

THIS is why there is Sabbath

THIS is why we search for deeper meaning

THIS healing thing called breath – called YaH-WeH

…breathe in

…breathe out

Find your sacred ground today. Breathe in and out. And connect on a much deeper level with the very Core of who you are.



…breathe in

…breathe out

Soli Deo Gloria!



a message from lisa~Creative is who God is. It is who we are too – His breath, His being, in us. Would you like to explore that creative side? I am the resident artist on Creative Faith –discovering the art you were born to create. There we explore what it means to be creative in many areas of life. I would love for you to come and find the artist hidden within you. join me today as we talk about SACRED GROUNDS-the foundations of art

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