Jane Wheeler

Jane Wheeler

Jane Wheeler lives with her husband in Northern Alberta, Canada. Jane has three grown sons that bring joy, excitement and sometimes lots of prayer to her life.  For the past 30 years Jane has animately been speaking, teaching, leading and writing as God leads and directs her.

From non-profit to corporate, from business owner to manager to event planner – all business roads helped shape her writing, speaking and leading. Jane is passionate about God’s Word.  In the business world, her enthusiasm peaks at training others on marketing and customer service.

As a couple, Jane and Brian use their creativity in creating projects in their little workshop – L’il Ray of Sunshine Workshop. Specializing in Black Pipe and Live Edge Wood – there is always something new being worked on in the workshop!

L'il Ray of Sunshine Workshop 1                                   IMG_5999

Jane’s life has been characterized by her friends as “never dull and boring”.  Life is an adventure and while not always pleasant, there is usually good and bad at the same time. You just have to look a little harder for the good sometimes and Jane aims to find the “good.”

Jane is the author of two published books and the incorporator of Ray of Sunshine Ministries where it is a life goal to bring light and hope to people wherever they may be in their life journey by sharing God and His Grace, Mercy and Love with others.

Title cover               Cover of Free to Fly