God’s Promises are Always YES!


Have you ever wondered what the will of God is for you? You ask God, but then you question yourself. You think maybe you are not really hearing from Him. Perhaps God may not desire the same dream you have for yourself? It’s a tough thing trying to second guess God’s direction for your life. I know. I’ve been there.

And so, today, I’d like to share a thought from a friend that ministered peace to my heart. She said, “I always assume He is saying yes to me.”

I thought really?   

REALLY! YOU CAN COUNT ON GOD TO DIRECT YOUR PATH. After all, it was Him who created you with those desires for your life.

-You can brush off the anxiety.
-You don’t have to live in fear.
-You can face every foe and fight every challenge in your life.
-YOU CAN BELIEVE HE IS A REWARDER to those who diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Just as an original beautiful painting gives glory to the artist who designed and created it, you are His masterpiece. It was God who uniquely created you to do the good works prepared in advance for your life so that you would give Him glory.

You and I are simply not big enough to thwart the great plans that He has for us. You are His prize, seeded with His DNA, destined to grow in His nature and bear fruit. Start believing God, that He is who He says He is, and that you are His masterpiece, to whom He lovingly bestows a full inheritance as His daughter.

I am speaking to myself here, but here goes….    Stop doubting yourself!  

In the past, I have worked so hard struggling to do what I hoped He wanted in an effort to please Him; however, there is nothing I can do (or not do) to change the fact that He is already pleased with me. I don’t know about you, but as I come into a deeper comprehension of this truth, I experience His freedom.  I am His. I belong to Him, and He is for me all the time.

So what my friend said was correct!
If He doesn’t want you doing something, you can be confident of this.
—– If you ask Him, He will speak that NO and make it clear.—–
He is not mad if you step out, even if you make a mistake.
He wants you to step out and give Him glory.

You can rest in His promise that HE is always saying “YES” to our heart’s desires!

Now all you have to do is BELIEVE and REST in Him.  Isn’t this great news?  

3 responses to “God’s Promises are Always YES!

  1. That is amazing news Barb! I feel that this is such a real struggle for so many people, including myself. I simply dont want to maje a mistake because mistakes often have ramifications. I would love to avoid those and go right to the blessing 😉
    But then I wonder if that were the case, how much would we be missing along the way…those happy accidents and profound learning experiences. Taking it one day at a time and just asking for the next step seems to keep me from making enormous mistakes anyway. My choices might not always be the right ones, but by following that little voice in my spirit, I know that whatever I do will help me to grow in the direction of where He knew I would be all along.
    Thanks for the reminder that He is for me all the way!!


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