Not one….not a single car.

I had looked up and down the road a number of times as I loaded things into my car, confirming in my mind that the road was clear. Of course it was….it was the middle of the day. School was in, work travelers were already tucked safely at their desks. The streets were all but deserted. So I got into my car, backed down the driveway, and….

A long line of cars turned the corner a short distance away, and I sat…..

And sat…..

And sat…waiting for a clear path to back out into the road.

It never fails really. Every time I attempt to back into the road in front of my house… So the eye rolling begins, and I wait, not so patiently I might add, for my turn. And as I sit I wonder if this is a sign. A sign from the Father to be patient, to wait on Him and trust that His promises will be fulfilled. To be patient in my understanding of this life and its intricacies. And to know that His timing isn’t my timing.

I don’t sit very long, really before my path is clear, and I can proceed as originally planned – but it seems like forever….

Deep breaths

and a short prayer for patience

A small smile creeps across my lips, it’s funny to me that I am learning this lesson


and over

and over….seemingly with no end in sight. And something occurs to me…

If I learn this lesson, will the road be clear each time I reach the bottom of the driveway? The answer is obvious really – not likely.


  • God will be with me in those times of aggravation and doubt.
  • He will be there to calm my spirit and offer me peace.
  • AND, He will be there to encourage me to keep watching for the clear road ahead.

Patience – it is a virtue. Unfortunately, it is not one that I seem to be in possession of….

but God…

Have you been seeing signs, but are simply not paying attention? God reveals His will in many ways. How can you slow down today and discover what God is trying to tell you? Find the peace that He is offering, and trust in His providential timing.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Signs are all around us, just waiting to be noticed. Have you seen one? Consider leaving a comment!

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