Dear Vanessa ~ What is your Secret?

Dear Vanessa,

I have struggled many years with suffering from mental illness.   I have hidden it from friends, family members, and have masked the pain.   Recently, I revealed it to close friends while in small group.   I was afraid of the stigma, of people looking at me differently.   But this was a lie, my friends embraced me and share stories that they have struggled with.     This made me realize that I should share it with your readers, as it may help someone else.

Letting go of the fear,


Dearest Jenny,

Thank-you for your kind note, and the courage to let go of the fear. Secrets can hurt us.

A secret - something that sits unseen deep within…

Something that manifest inside us….

Fearful of letting it out….

There will be judgement….

Do you have a secret that you need to let go of?

The act of letting go has an instant release.     Our perceived fear holds us back from really experiencing all we are meant to be.  

I too have a secret ~ I suffered from Depression as a teenager and was hospitalized as a result.   I had a nervous breakdown, and medication was used to stabilize a girl that felt empty inside.    

Looking back on that girl; I feel heartache for her.     She didn’t see how beautiful she was inside out.   She was chasing a dream.   She was allowing something or someone else to define who she was.  

Perception is everything. Sometimes our perception is skewed.   We believe that looking good on the outside is what matters. Climbing the corporate ladder, our education, or what people say about us, that next big house or sparkly car, or money to define who we are.     Then when one of these things falls apart, we are broken.  

But we can be restored…. We need to realize that our secrets, our wealth, or external validation does not define who we are.  We believe the lies that we are not good enough.

Our secrets hold us back from living in the now.  

Fear we can all see it and touch it. Fear holds us back from really living.

The perceived Shame and The Secrets hold us back.

Let go of the fear, and the secret that is holding you back.   Write it down on a piece of paper, share it with someone you love, or share it with me.   Let the secret go and if it requires forgiveness choose to forgive.

Living in the past and the perceived future holds us back from really enjoying the present.   Take a step forward and choose to live NOW.

Life is beautiful when we choose to be present in the here and now.

Dear Lord God,

You remind us that we need to live in the present; and that tomorrow has enough worries of its own. Help us to trust in You completely, to let go of the fear. Lead us to all we are meant to be. I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen.

May you be blessed friends,


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5 responses to “Dear Vanessa ~ What is your Secret?

  1. You are an incredible woman Vanesaa.
    You must write a book and tell your story.


  2. I struggle with secrets , I always feel condemned. I thank you for being open it spoke to my heart. It really help others when we share it helps us feel that we are not alone.


    • Channon, you are absolutely right! Sharing helps eachother. Too often we bottle everything up and feel alone. I am so glad that this helped you. Remember you are not alone. If you ever want to chat through email send me a message :) God blss


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    Do you have something deep inside that you need to let go of ? Take a moment and a read #letitgo #secrets hurt.


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