Dear Vanessa ~ Gratitude for His Grace

Face of elderly female looking at camera with smile

She sits still, and allows the love to flow through her.     She glances out the window and sees her reflection in the sun stained glass, the lines in her skin run deep.   They reveal what she has learned, and what she has experienced for the good. Refined by experiences in this life, she feels full.


He has reassured her so many times His work was for good.    The memories flood back in, she looks back in time and reflects on the lessons learned.   His work was always for good.   She saw the sunshine through the rain, and He reassured her so many times that the trials in life are intertwined for His purpose.   As she is still, she wishes she could hold the hand of her children and show them the things she has seen, but realizes that we can whisper to all the people that enter our life and ultimately their lessons are to be learned.   


There is so much beyond our control in this life, it is how we choose to focus that makes all the difference.   Our minds have so much power over the how.   Beyond that, He is in control of the what.

His goodness always reigns, He is the captain of the ship.    

She looks back on her life and gratitude floods her mind.   A tear begins to trickle out of her eyes…. And drops on her wrinkled hand.   Time has passed so quickly.    Her mind goes back to the time of second chances, the time of where His perfect love was always so evident – it feels like just yesterday.   So many times she wanted to make Him proud.  She wanted to give back to Him all that He had done for her.     To lend a hand when she felt like she had nothing left inside, to push forward and show her children that obstacles will happen it is how we enjoy the ride that makes all the difference, to show the face of love in all of her interactions.    To let go, to forgive, to TRUST in Him always.  Trials came, they went and she learnt to ride them and embrace them with her heart.    A heart that was always worn on her sleeve, a heart that felt all.    A heart so big that she hurt for the hurting.    But that is how He made her.  He was always proud.   Her heart was His gift to her, so many times it felt like a hindrance.    Lessons learned, lives helped with a touch of her heart.     A tear fell again on her hand.   Overwhelmed with His love, His blessings and gentle touch on her life.   Beautifully made, she realized not too late.

 Gratitude flooded her heart.   A love that is indescribable, a love that is made for all eternity.   

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