art de toilet

The thought of reusing toilet paper or paper towel rolls in such a creative manner is not only great for the environment but adorable too! It is easy enough to do and you’re kids might just love this project too. Great Rainy day project really!


Things you will need:

3 Empty paper towel holders or 5 toilet paper holders

You can even use wrapping paper holders

Scissors        Ruler        Pencil      Small paint brush

Wax paper    Acrylic paints of choice.

Hot glue gun

First lay your ruler on your table surface then take your paper towel holder and squash it in half. Lay the holder horizontally next to your ruler and mark with your pencil a line every half an inch all till you get to the end.

Begin cutting on each mark till you have all of your pieces cut out.


You will notice that the once rounded paper towel holder now looks like a football so to speak. Next you will begin painting the inside and outsides. This gets a little messy on the fingers as you are holding them so you may want to use gloves but the paint washes off fairly easy with soap and water. Paint them thoroughly and lay them on the wax paper to dry.


Once they are dry begin to form your flower. I played around with mine a few different ways till I got the look I desired. For instance you will notice that some of the leaves are different sizes. That is because I used a wrapping paper roller to get the smaller size.

Once I have the design laid out I begin gluing them together with my hot glue gun. I have a certain color theme going on in one of our guest rooms and that is why I chose these particular colors but it is fun to mix and match.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Please write in if you have any other ideas on the reuse of these paper towel holders.



Mischele Makhlouf

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