Where is Your Focus?

June ruth 1

By Ruth L. Snyder


Are you feeling discouraged? As my children climbed on the bus recently, I felt like a failure. I couldn’t pin the discouragement to one thing. Rather, a multitude of struggles left me feeling weak and defeated.

While I walked our Husky dog, God spoke to my heart. The question He asked was a simple one:

june ruth 2I took pictures of some of the object lessons God used to remind me about the importance of focus:

Dandelions – flower or weed? Useful or a nuisance? It depends on my focus. This plant with its bright yellow flowers is not only cheerful, but also useful.

  • The root makes a tea that is useful as a detoxifying agent
  • The leaves can be used in a salad, cooked like spinach, used for juice, or added to a smoothie
  • The flowers can be used to make jelly, syrup, cookies, or tea
  • The dandelion has many medicinal uses including dandelion oil for arthritis and dandelion tonic for liver, bladder, and gallbladder cleansing

Learn more at: 27 Clever Ways to Use Dandelions

june ruth 3Grass – As I walked, buzzing mosquitos surrounded me. At first, I was annoyed, but then I thought of the recent rain we had and the benefits it provided. The grass is lush and green instead of brown and dying.

Some people look at grass and think of all the work it takes to maintain it. Instead, we can be thankful for its natural beauty, and for the safe place it provides for our kids to play.


june ruth 4Spider webs – What do I think of when I see a spider web? Do I feel annoyed because the spider built his home somewhere I don’t want it? Or do I take time to stop and admire the intricate craftsmanship as it shimmers in the early morning sun. Do I kill a spider when it gets in my way, or do I remember that spiders help control pests like mosquitos and aphids.

God ended His object lesson by reminding me of the Scripture I read earlier that day from Psalm 31:

june ruth 5

Today I’m choosing to focus on Jesus. Will you join me? I don’t know the circumstances you are facing today, but God does. Instead of focusing on your problems, will you choose to focus on God? If there is something you would like me to pray about with you, please let me know in the comments below.

For more devotional thoughts by Ruth, purchase a copy of Uplifting Devotionals for Parents

june ruth 6

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