Dream Revelations

Ch4.RevelatoryGemsDo you realize that all kinds of revelation experiences surround you every day? Similar to reading between the lines, these experiences often do not use words. Every time you devour a dessert, cuddle your child, sniff a fresh rosemary twig, dance to your favorite song, or gaze upon the crashing ocean waves, you receive revelatory gems through your five senses.

These gems disclose valuable information about you, other people, the world and God. But revelations can come in other ways, like from a premonition, a word, a vision, and of course, a dream.

Dream revelations are one of easiest to receive because you don’t have to do anything. They are similar to visions, but just happen while you sleep. Your own little intelligence report is downloaded with an important news flash. Could it get any easier?

For years, God had been speaking to me in my dreams, but I didn’t always recognize it. Years ago I even received a prophetic word that God would speak to me in dreams. You might have thought I would have started paying attention, but it wasn’t until a friend finally spoke up that I heard God.

“Barbara,” she remarked,  “that dream was not your imagination. That is God speaking to you.”

Oh my Lord! She was right.

Do you know how God speaks most often to you? Usually, He will use a method that best fits how He has wired you.  I am definitely a visual and experiential learner, which is probably why God speaks so often in dreams to me. I have had simple dreams and complex ones, symbolic dreams and literal ones, natural dreams and supernatural dreams, as well as prophetic dreams and visions.

Have you ever experienced God speaking to you in a dream or vision?  Do you know how to discover the meaning?  

I find it interesting that so many people discount God communicating in dreams and visions; however, it is very biblical. When I first started writing about biblical dream interpretation, I can’t tell you how many people “rolled their eyes” at me thinking I was crazy.

Yet, many people think God does not speak personally to anyone today.

But I have come to believe differently… for I know He reveals His secrets to His friends.  The Bible tells us in John 15:14-15  You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.”

Have you ever wondered about that dream revelation you just had? Well, I think you need to start listening more. I think you must decide that you are going to search for His understanding.  And it will be your glory when you find His answer!


So are you ready to start your own dream journey with God?  

Barb KoobBlessings, Barb 
Check out Barb’s new book
Dream Discoveries at BarbaraKoob.com.

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8 responses to “Dream Revelations

  1. Just started your book…… Exciting to discover new truths!


    • Thanks Heidi. I am looking forward to hearing your dream stories too.


  2. I love how He speaks to us!! He uses all sorts of things or me, scripture, music, dreams,….always fascinating to get the revelations!


    • Oh how fascinating is our God!!!! LOVE HIM! Thanks for reading Lisa.


  3. Excellent blog post, Barbara!! I find the hardest dreams are the ones where you know God’s directing you, and being obedient it’s so scary sometimes! But I know by stepping out in faith, the scare factor dissipates and I am blessed!


    • Thanks so much dear friend! I am excited to see what God does with your dreams too!


  4. Just started your book as well. It took many, many years to become aware of the various ways God speaks to me. He knows my love language so well. He knows how to get my attention. Dreams, music, number assocaitions( especially digital time). What an adventure He takes us on. Can’t wait to learn more about yours! I know it will be enlightening!


    • Very cool Brenda! I am looking forward to hearing some of your dream experiences too.


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