Did I miss something? -weekly recap

Did you miss any of these great posts this week?

Arise! Scripture printable -lisa evola

Throughout scripture we see God bringing people out of where they are - raising them up to accomplish His purposes.  Is God moving you today? Has…..



Take heart and go forth as a conqueror -shelly richardson

It’s 3:38 am. The sound of rain and wind lashing the house awakens me from much needed sleep. Through the arch of the bedroom window the tree branches are dimly lit by the flood lights. I can see the branches with newly formed leaves…..


You spent how much? What you get for $4 trillion. -claudia royal

Well it’s that time of year again.  April 15th is the income tax deadline every year.

How much will the federal government spend this year?  About $4 trillion. (And no I don’t know how many zeroes there are in a trillion – but it’s a lot!)….


Living with the end in mind -christie thomas

Do you live with the end of the story in mind? I’ve been told that when we know the end of a story, we enjoy it more.  But what…….

Feelings of Failure -lisa evola

“I just don’t believe as you do.”

Honestly, the words hurt more than I thought they would. They cut deeply; and from the wounds oozed feelings of…..




Adrift? -lisa evola

Have you ever felt confused? Derailed? Unsure of……




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