A Person Who Dreams

If I was to ask you what are your “dreams” - what would you answer?

Let’s clarify – I am not asking what you dreamed about last night. I am asking what dreams, aspirations, or desires do you hold deep down in your heart?   We all have them, hidden in the little recesses, tucked in behind the real “life” stuff.

I have been doing a study on living how God sees you.  When God is talking about you in heaven (and He does you know) how does He see you?  What is His name for you? What plans does He hold for you?

Those little hidden dreams often are the clue to where your life is headed.  Not sure?  What kind of prophecy or words have others spoken over you?  I love to write – always have but never thought it was part of my calling, it was more of my dream job or as a child - a loyal pen pal friend.

I had three people in one year come up to me who did not really know me at all and tell me that I was appointed to be a teacher.  That was really quite funny to me as I did not have aspirations of that, but when God speaks to you at three different times with the same message, it is time to listen.  I had been “leading” Bible studies for years but never considered it to be “teaching”.  Now when I am writing –  I see that as “teaching” but I never considered myself to be a “writer” – you know some of us are just plain slow learners. It was another light bulb revelation of God to show me that I was a writer.   Now I have two published books,  write on two blogs and am about to teach a group of ladies a Bible study that God and I are writing on “love”.

I am learning to walk in my true calling – “teaching” and this is how I know it is a gift:  no matter when I have to speak, I always want to throw up before hand, I am so nervous.  But I made a deal with God years ago when He started to lead me in this direction.  I will get myself to the front and open my mouth but He had better show up and fill it and take over the speaking.   He has yet to let me down and I have to admit that once He takes over I quite enjoy it!

What are your dreams?  Can you see how your dreams will help you to fulfill God’s destiny plan for your life? Ask Him to show you what that looks like and then be courageous and bold and step out (throwing up or not) into your dream and destiny.

by: Jane Wheeler


2 responses to “A Person Who Dreams

  1. Awesome word! I have much similar experiences in my life, as God calls me to His plan…. I always have three messages and sometimes warnings …. He is so faithful and patient with us!


  2. I pray that we each follow the dreams of our hearts…the dreams that God has placed upon them. Thanks for this Jane!


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