Seeing God Speak with Symbols

april barbAre you a person who learns better from your experiences? I try so hard to be a good listener, but alas… the information doesn’t always sink into that brain of mine.

One day I finally realized that my problem is actually because of the way the Lord wired me.  He made me a visual experiential learner. It’s probably why God speaks to me using dreams. And it probably is why He frequently speaks to me using symbols!

Do you know that God can speak to you using symbols? You just have to recognize this fun way of hearing God speak.

For example….. I just arrived at the beach for a mini-vacation and gazed through the glass window. Suddenly I saw this divine dolphin skipping across the ocean waves.

“Look!” I called to my friend. “There is a dolphin.”

We ran to the balcony in hopes to catch another glimpse. The dolphin graced us with high dives while soaring the sea with her poise and beauty.

“God is speaking to us.” I proclaimed to my friend.

Looking perplexed, my friend was puzzled at my remark.

However, I have come to believe that God is speaking all the time, and often He speaks in ways we do not recognize. If you still don’t understand, why not hope over to my blog today and find out what the symbolic meaning of a dolphin can mean?

Click here to visit my blog post “Seeing A Dolphin”.

And if you don’t hear God speaking in symbols, how about telling me how you do hear from God?  

Tags: Dolphins, dreams, Symbols

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