Love, Passion, and a Promise

My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion…

{Psalm 45:1 TPT}

For many, yesterday was difficult.

Lost love, fading passion, and broken promises can taint the pure intent of the celebration if it is looked upon from a worldly viewpoint.

But here’s the thing:

Worldly love will always fail

If we rely on that one person in our life to always be there, to fulfill our needs, or to complete us and protect our hearts – we’ll always be disappointed. Our expectations will inevitably outweigh what the other is capable of giving. And as the cares of this world divert attention, hearts grow cold and love falters. Commitment wanes, and we are left wondering if this is what it is all about.

There has to be more doesn’t there?

Why would God give us burning passions, if only to take them away?

The human experience of love, I believe, is such a small part of what we really seek. It leaves us wanting more. We long for the all-encompassing passion that we once felt, but have lost. We desire it, search for it, long for it. The pursuit of passionate love is what consumes our every deed in this life. Everything we do is to acquire it whether we realize it or not.


The underlying need for love can compel us to pursue a better job so as to feel more important and therefore desirable to a potential mate.

We create beautiful surroundings so to attract others to us.

Like preening birds we feather our nests to say – Here I am. Love me!

I don’t say this to make you feel silly, but to illustrate how the Creator has made us. From the moment we come in to this world kicking and screaming, we search for love. It is our very lifeline. It makes us who we are, and I think this inborn need was placed there so that we would pursue the only one who can fulfill that role in our life:

Completely and unequivocally

1 Corinthians 13:8 Claims: Love never fails.

I know many who would argue otherwise.

But then here’s the promise…

1 Corinthians 13:10 goes on to say: But when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

How do we experience a perfect and passionate love that will never fail? Only through the Father.

God’s love never fails.

If we are looking for perfection in worldly love, it will always disappoint. But when we search for and experience the perfect, passionate, sacrificial love of God

the imperfect falls away!

May I encourage you today to let go of your expectations for an unfailing love this side of heaven, and place your heart instead in the hands of the one who loves you most?


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Soli Deo Gloria!


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4 responses to “Love, Passion, and a Promise

  1. I have read your closing words several times-“May I encourage you today to let go of your expectations for an unfailing love this side of heaven, and place your heart instead in the hands of the one who loves you most?” Such great words of advice -for unmet expectations in any relationship.

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    • …and there will always be those unmet expectations. When we know we are immeasurably loved by a mighty God, the failures in this world fade in comparison. I for one am so grateful for that love and will hold onto it through all of my days. Thank you for such a great reflection:)


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