BE STILL….and know

“The invitation to solitude and silence is . . . an invitation to enter more deeply into the intimacy of relationship with the One who waits just outside the noise and busyness of our lives.” An Invitation to Solitude and Silence by: Ruth Haley Barton 

Being still … is a foreign concept to me.

If I am not asleep, it seems that I am in constant motion….even if it is only my knee bouncing up and down furiously while I watch a movie, or tv show. My mind jumps and flits constantly throughout the day, as though my thoughts are the flowing water of a river’s current. To say that I am easily distractible would be putting it mildly.

I’ve made attempts to focus my attentions, and to be fair, I have at times been successful. But life always has a way of pulling me back into the current. I think most women can relate to this in some way, as we all tend to take on so much: jobs, home, children, nurturer, provider, lover … friend. The expectations we put on ourselves can often times be huge. There are days that I let so many different things pull me in so many different directions, that I can barely catch my breath before I hop into the next activity.

And it isn’t always the expectations that I have of myself. Sometimes the expectations of others is what keeps me moving. Constantly trying to keep up with the obligations of friends and family, as well as business/job. Yes, most days my mind is simply reeling.

Except…..when there is silence. There is something about silence that beckons me to discover its mysteries. To look deep into the secrets of the promise of peace and tranquility. I often awaken early in order to experience the solitude that is elusive once the rest of the world awakens to the new day. This early morning respite is like an invitation from the Lord, to sit and soak in the beauty of solitude. To experience God in the quiet, and to “enter more deeply into the intimacy of relationship with the One who waits just outside the noise and busyness of our lives.”

  • It is within these quiet times that we hear the voice of God, deep in our souls. 

  • It is in this time that nothing else matters but you … and Him.

  • It is during these moments that we have the opportunity to grow in knowledge of who God is, and how much He loves us.

Are you hungry to know God?

Carve out a piece of your day for silence and solitude. Nothing that we can do to prepare ourselves for the day ahead could be more soothing, more enriching, more intentional, or more rewarding. These moments with our Lord are so vitally important to who we are, and to the preparation of our souls. It is the preparation needed to deal with the onslaught of what the coming day will bring, and to keep our minds fixed on what is truly important.

For me this can look different from day to day. But generally speaking I simply spend time:

  • Talking to my Lord

  • Appreciating His creation around me

  • Humming songs of worship and praise softly to myself

  • Reading His love letter to me


I don’t do all of these things, every day. I simply engage in what feels most natural and worshipful at that moment. It is a privilege to be able to worship as we choose.  It may not always be like this in the coming days, so I intend to make the most of this freedom, while I am still able.

And when the days of trouble are upon me that which is imprinted upon my heart will never leave me … nor forsake me.

Take a moment today to find that silence

And imprint it upon your soul!

To be still…and know


Soli Deo Gloria!

4 responses to “BE STILL….and know

  1. Great Devotion! I believe our relationship with God begins with those silent, quiet moments with him where we can hear His still small voice . But I also believe our relationship will end with Him without those silent times with him. We need the Lord more than we can imagine. Early in the morning will I seek Him and find Him.

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  2. O Channon, that is so true. If we stop seeking Him earnestly, other things will fill that space. We are always seeking to fill ourselves. The question is with what will we fill those empty spaces? That which will not last, or the living God who can fill us up forever? Be blessed sweet sister…..


  3. Lisa, great word in due season! And, I love the fishing boat - reminds me of Peter and the disciples “fishing all night and catching nothing” and then, when Jesus shows up and speaks…they heed and obey and catch themselves quite the haul! Good word. Thanks!


  4. Thank you Kathryn! Yes, it reminds me of the disciples as well. And it is after those times of peace that all sorts of progress can be made. If you have ever been on a sail boat, it is amazingly peaceful. It truly makes you feel so connected to the Lord…such free flowing energy. such a necessary thing for reconnecting.


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