Re-set. Re-group. Re-new.


Christmas is over. The New Year is almost here. It is a time for new beginnings; to set in motion the things of which we have conceived in our minds and hearts, to begin again that which has fallen away or merely gone astray, and to formulate our plans for the coming year.

Has God placed hopes and dreams for your future upon your heart? He has ours.

Here at a beautiful life, January is a time to refocus on what is important and to make plans for the coming blog year. Our passion has always been to encourage, equip and inspire, revealing the mystery of God as we live out our days in faithful obedience to Him. While our passion hasn’t changed, in order for you to grow, we must grow.

During the month of January we will be taking a much needed sabbatical, renewing our spirits for the year to come so that we can be faithful with what God has placed on our hearts. The hopes. The dreams. The plans that He has for those who love Him.

There will be a few posts here and there, maybe once or twice a week, to keep you inspired to seek Him. In February we will resume a regular schedule with renewed fervor. Our prayer is that you will also be spending time renewing, regrouping and resetting your heart clocks to realize your dreams and God’s purpose for your life.

Happy ReNEW Year!

For your convenience, here is December’s Cookie Book to download.  Enjoy!

Our Favorite Christmas Cookies

From: a beautiful life contributors

sugar free thumbprint cookies

lemon poppy seed cookies

homemade cake balls

angel delights

apricot squares

snowflake shortbread

Cappuccino cookies dipped in dark chocolate

Kringle cookies

Crunch Fudge Cookie Bars

Chocolate Peanut-butter Cheesecake Bars

Scottish Shortbread

Soft White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Eatmore bars

Greek Friendship Cookies

Apple Cranberry Cookie Cobbler

Fruit Cookies with Cherries

Maple Cinnamon Glazed Ginger Walnut Cookies

Fruit and Nut Granola

Brandied Cherry Apricot Bars

Over the Top Chocolate Chip Cookies

Big Easy Bourbon Balls

Checkerboard Cookies



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