How is the beginning of your New Year going?

Are you filled with hope for positive change and a better year than the last? Or do you have regrets?

Have you changed your focus from what was, to what is? Or are ghosts of the past haunting your every step into the new?

Historically, I have let me mouth get me in trouble. Repeatedly. It isn’t so much that what I said was an untruth, it is more that I have never put limits on what came out. I justified words spoken, arguing that they were true and needed to be said for the benefit of the receiver.

But did they?


We should always speak truth, but not all truth needs to be spoken.

Often our words can hurt, cripple, and even destroy. A carelessly placed comment can cause irreparable damage to relationships and create divisions within families. Much to my chagrin, I have caused this pain, damaging friendships and family bonds alike.

But no more!

No More!

I have been blessed this last month to be a part of the street team for Karen Ehman’s new book called “Keep it Shut! What to say, How to say it, and When to say nothing at all”

I’ve read it

I’ve cried

And I’ve made a promise to myself, not to live with regret, but to live with change.

I’m tired of feeling the pang of guilt as I let fly the words from my lips.

I refuse to allow the enemy to take hold of such a powerful weapon as my tongue, for his own amusement.

…and I have made a promise to myself and God that this year will be different.


Tomorrow, January 6th, this amazing guide to taming the tongue will be released. Karen has special offers if you pre-order a copy today. To take advantage of these, please visit this link to learn more: Pre-order 1 or more copies of @karen_ehman #keepitshutbook by midnight 1/5 & get tons of FREEBIES!
This book deals with subjects such as:

  • Speaking words in love
  • People pleasing
  • Dealing with sandpaper people
  • Pausing before speaking
  • …and much, much, more!

I was definitely edified by the instruction of this book as well as the biblical support that it presented. If your words are something that you struggle with, I pray that in this New Year you will take steps to learn to speak them in love.

It is a life changer!


Soli Deo Gloria!

3 responses to “Regrets

    • I believe that it is available through amazon. Not sure about traditional bookstores…especially since we are in two different countries …I don’t even know what you have there! But everyone can order from amazon- yes? Enjoy it…it is a good one! I think i will be revisiting it often.

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