a time to work….


Do any of us have enough of it?

There are days that before I have even put one foot on the floor, all of the time available to me has been spent. Those are my least favorite days, the ones that make me tired and wonder if this…this life is all worth it.  If this treadmill we are walking on is all there is: wake, work, sleep and then do it all again.

Sure, there is a smattering of joy in there. The joy of family and friends, passions and seasons to appreciate. The teacher of Ecclesiastes lays it all out for us to see, the patterns of human existence – and we all live it in our own way.

He also asks a very important question: “What do people really get for all their hard work?” (NLT)

On those days when I feel like wheels are simply spinning in the mud, my answer is simply nothing. I find it hard to see a purpose to it all, and sometimes I  just want to give up. In those moments, Eternity with my Father looks mighty fine.

And maybe that is the point

Would we ever look forward to that eternity if this life was perfect? If this life gave us everything we ever wanted without so much as groan or a tear? For me, weeping brings on that homesick desire to lay my head in my Father’s lap, hands stroking my hair and a soft cooing voice telling me that everything is alright now.

Yes, joy can produce beautiful things, but despair, tragedy and pain creates immensely so much more. It forms a desire for what could be and a picture to hold that “place” in our hearts.  That place of eternity, that image of rest and comfort is all that I hold onto in those “I can’t do this” moments.

And the words of my God are:

“Yes, my child, you can. Keep your head in my lap and I will help you. Lay your cares and your fears upon my shoulders, and I will give you the rest that you need. Turn over your despair to me and I will give life to your wobbly legs and get them dancing.”

On those days of struggle, those moments which strike fear in my weary heart, I cling to these words until their reality and promise fill me, and I can loosen my grip just enough to step back onto the path.

This promise is two-fold:

“In this life you will have trouble. But take heart, for I have overcome the world!”

Jesus knew

It’s not all a primrose path, as much as we would like it to be. But there is always the joy and comfort of eternity that awaits us after our time here is done, after the time for work has been completed.

And it is this promise that keeps me going.

4 responses to “a time to work….

  1. Great post! The trials of this life can make us bitter or better. If we turn to Jesus in our despair we have the joy of a greater intimacy with our Savior. And the promise of spending eternity in His presence. What could be better????
    He has put the longing for eternity into man’s heart…Ecc 3:11

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