It’s a Love Story

It was time to put the book down and get on to other things. Most specifically, writing this blog post! Reluctantly, I closed the book and opened my laptop.

My book wasn’t a captivating murder mystery or a fun, escape-from-reality fiction. This one could actually be categorized along the lines of a Biblical self-help book. Written just for me. Meant to be read at this specific time in life.

Besides having my fingerprints all over the cover and pages, I saw God’s too.

How this book had ended up in my hands is what had me smiling.

Are you ever so moved by a specific circumstance that you take the time to recollect the events that led to it? To look back and reminisce on God’s perfect orchestration?

As I glanced at my closed book, my mind was flooded with flashbacks of how God placed it in my hands.

For the past nine years I have been a small group facilitator for Women’s Bible study at my church. (The God story of my redemption, to being used by Him in this capacity, could be a book by itself!) However, in September of 2017, I decided to take a break and be a participant instead of a facilitator.

In January I was asked to take over a group because the table leader went back to work. As much as I felt that God had given me the grace to sit out the first semester, I sensed His nudge to step back in.

The group I took over was a bit unsettled. First of all, I hadn’t been with them the first semester to bond. Also, some women had dropped out for the second semester and new ones were added. One of the ladies was diagnosed with breast cancer and never able to make it because she was so ill from chemo. A few of the moms with school aged kiddos had accepted volunteer duties at the elementary school on Bible study day. The table of 11 somehow dwindled to 5.

With only 5 of us, there was ample time for everyone to contribute! What started out as women lacking unity, trust and closeness turned into an iron-sharpens-iron group of friends. Nothing like coming out of retirement and being rewarded like that.

Women are “randomly” assigned to a new group every year, but we know nothing is random in God’s perfect orchestration. Seems like every time Bible study winds down, I think my group has been the best ever!  That’s how I felt about these ladies.

One of the 5, hand selected by God, had read a book and wanted to share it with all of us. That’s how God arranged Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late by Robert Morgan to end up in my hands. “Ten workable routines for aligning your daily agenda with God’s perfect will.”

Yes, the Bible is the best self-help book out there! Everything we need to know about how to live life for God’s glory and purpose can be found in His word.

As one who isn’t the most organized, and who beats herself up because she’s not, I must look to what God says about living an organized life and being a good steward of my time. Not compare myself to others or listen to Satan’s lies.

The truths outlined in the book weren’t new, earth-shattering revelations. They were Biblical principles. Familiar verses.

Sometimes the Scriptures just hit us like new because God has opened the eyes our hearts to receive them.

I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading Mastering Life. Seriously, the book must have been written with me in mind! However, what made the biggest impression was thinking back on how God got the book into my hands and His timing. Perfect orchestration.

My Father has placed a yearning in my heart to seek His presence. To commune with Him. To abide with Him.

A yearning to dwell on my Father’s goodness and mercy. Pinpoint His fingerprints all over the pages of my life. Acknowledge what my Savior has done in my life and what He’s up to today. To give Him the glory for every perfect gift. Even the times of trials.

I am in no way encouraging anyone to dwell on the past…the hurts, sin, disappointments. We must follow Paul’s advice in Philippians 3:13-14 and press forward to what is ahead (eternity in heaven). However, identifying God’s mighty hand, even in the smallest events of our lives, is seeing the fullness of His infinite and unconditional love for us.

Our life stories have already been written! What we don’t know is how many chapters we have, but we know the Author and the Main Character. It’s not me and it’s not you. It’s our Heavenly Father.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

Take the opportunity to trace God’s fingerprints over the chronicles of your life.

Oh, what a love story it is





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