Wedding Doors

wedding doors1
1Peter 4:10 “Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in various forms”

A young couple that has been a part of the Young Adult Ministry at our church just got married. We have been blessed to watch them grow in their relationship with The Lord and each other. Like many young couples they were designing their wedding on a dime, she is extremely creative, a kindred spirit with mine, so being asked to help with some details was a joy!

The wedding was in a beautiful garden and she wanted to create an altar space for the ceremony, so two old doors ( one found on the side of the road and another came from a house remodel) were transformed. As we worked on the doors together I suggested that she reuse them in their new home, one as a headboard, the other as a coat & accessories rack in their entryway or mud room, she will add an array of hooks and knobs to the front of that door. She loved the idea and I am thrilled to see they will be enjoyed for years to come.

One was a white exterior door with a window, the other a brown wood interior door. 

  • Step One: First we did some light sanding and deep cleaning with non oily soap and water and then 91% alcohol on both sides of the doors. 
  • Step Two: We painted the white door brown to come close to the color of the brown wood door. We used two coats of Cottage Brown, Cottage Paint.
  • Step Three: Brushed on a thin layer of clear Satin Wax in Cottage Paint line on the door we painted brown. This creates a barrier coat so that when the distressing is done it will not reveal back to the original white color of the door. This step was not needed on the other door that was originally brown.
  • Step Four: Two coats of Bimini (an intense turquoise color) Cottage Paint, applied with a brush. To both of the doors.
  • Step Five: Once fully dry we distressed back to the brown color along all the details, edges and so on, with a damp wash cloth. On both doors.
  • Step Six: Two thin coats of Cottage Paint Walnut wax applied with a brush. Allow dry time between coats. On both doors.
  • Step Seven: Coffee Bean Glaze was applied with a brush and then wiped off, this layer “marries” the layers together to give that finishing, professional touch .Both doors.
  • Step Eight: Two thin coats of Zero Gloss Sealer, Cottage Paint line. This protects the finish and gives a beautiful matte look. Both doors.
  • Step Nine: Lace was cut to fit the window and glued on the backside. Old fashion crystal handles were glued to the front of the doors, the back side will be flush against the wall as a headboard and coat rack, so we didn’t want the handle on backsides.The bride had the doors brought to the reception and used as the backdrop for the photo booth as well… Talk about “Multi purpose” use! I always enjoy “giving” of the gifts and talents that God has given me, it blesses me as much, if not more than the recipient.Abundant Blessings!
    Heidi Wilt

4 responses to “Wedding Doors

  1. wow! That was really cool, Heidi!! The symbolism is so beautiful too. One door per person - husband, wife. Two hinges to make the two into one, opposite handles, like opposite personalities and strengths, one with a window to see - the eyes are the window to the soul - also, one as a visionary, one tall, one short, both turquoise, representing healing, to cover the ordinary brown, which is over the white of purity… wow. And, to top it off, the two doors form an altar… isn’t that where we place our lives before the Lord? On the altar as a sacrifice of praise for His glory. wow! God is so amazing!


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