Intimate Blessings

“Your father’s blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, than the bounty of the age-old hills. Let all these rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers.”  Genesis 49:26

Have you ever experienced an intimate blessing?

The kind of blessing that touches your heart in that “secret place” where only God knows how to touch…  Several times throughout my life God has given me that very special, intimate blessing, usually at a “valley of becca” time. 

Once I was given a small book of biblical paintings from the 1800s during a time when I was painting murals in  an entire church wing. I had come up against some “mountains” that seemed unmovable, I was seeking answers and direction from The Lord . An acquaintance, who knew nothing of what I was going through had bought the book at an estate sale. She said that she kept having a dream where she was told to wrap up the book and give it to me as a gift, after several nights of fitful sleep, she obeyed! She gave it to me on Christmas Eve with a note that said ” I am convicted that this book should be with you for inspiration. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit!” - most wonderful Christmas gift I ever received!

Another time a total stranger came up to me to tell me something specific that God had placed on her heart to pray for me… Only God knew of my situation. She is now one of my dearest friends. Most recently I received a card from my mother, on a very difficult day… “Even though we are miles apart know that you are still in my heart”, ” I realize how hard you work and the toil and stress it takes to manage each day.” , “I am proud to hear and even more proud to see the results you have achieved with your family”. This from my unbelieving mother who has a very difficult time giving encouragement or compliments and never writes me cards. God knew how to reach my heart!

My Heavenly Father never ceases to amaze me. He is so intimate that in those times I can “feel” His breath on my cheek. Seek Him and you will find Him! Look to Him for the “answers” in your life, He will reveal Himself in intimate ways that bless your socks off!!

Abundant Blessings,
Heidi Wilt

6 responses to “Intimate Blessings

  1. Loved your words! Very sweet-how you referred to your “intimate blessings” from God. I have often used the term “God incidences,” but when you wrote how only God knows of that secret place in our heart I felt that an “intimate blessing” hit the nail on the head.


  2. Loved this post and your intimate stories of how God loves us and desires to bless us.
    Thank you!


  3. Thank you, Heidi. This was a word in due season. Much appreciated. Thanks!


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