by:Sally Meadows

When my kids were growing up, one of their favorite outings in the summer was to walk down to the little man-made lake near our house. There we enjoyed the cool breeze, walked on the boardwalk, collected rocks, skipped stones, and fed the ducks. It was delightful to have this lovely place to meander around so close to our house.

august the art of slowing down

Now that my kids are older, I still walk down by our little lake. Some days I go alone, and at other times, with my husband. As the years have passed, the population of wildlife has grown: from spring to fall, there is always something to see.

Walking this pathway alone or with another adult allows me to keep my focus on what’s in front of me, as I no longer have to worry about keeping my kids safe and engaged. I can allow myself to slow down and really take in God’s wonderful creation.


Last year, I had the pleasure of watching the dynamics amongst a family of grebes (a diving water bird). This year I have been fascinated with the interactions between and within mallard duck families and the resident muskrats. I have witnessed the loving care of the parents for their babies; young ones testing out their independence; fights over territories and food; and sadly, the death of a little one. I have been so inspired by what I have seen that I am planning on writing two children’s picture books that explore the drama I have seen unfold before my eyes that so parallels what we experience as humans.

I was forced to slow down my life over the last two years because of health issues. I am grateful for the rest the Lord has given me; slowing down has given me the opportunity to see things I might not have otherwise.

My friends, I encourage you not to wait as I did until circumstances force you to make a change. Grab a friend or your spouse – or go alone – and find those moments that will enrich your spirit and your life. Take time exploring a new walking trail. Go on a photo safari and capture what you see. Indulge in a new flavor of ice cream. Try out a new recipe. Browse a store you’ve never been to before. Sit and watch an ant colony. Visit a museum without the distractions of kids. Finger paint. Let your creativity flow.

Take time for yourself, and to nurture your adult relationships, and you will be a better spouse, mother, and friend.

 I promise.

Sally Meadows is a singer/songwriter and freelance writer from Saskatchewan, Canada. She is also a Compassion Canada Ambassador. Sally has been shortlisted twice for a Canadian national Word Award in the category “song lyrics�? for songs from her two CDs “Turn the Page�? and “Red & White�?.


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6 responses to “THE ART OF SLOWING DOWN

  1. You are Art and amazing work - I am going to contact my agent to assist you have your television show!


  2. Loved this post and could relate. Getting CFS ended up a blessing as far as appreciating creation and enjoying the little things. Having a child has also helped me begin to sort out what’s important too- he doesn’t care for extravagant things- he just wants my love, care, time, imagination and enthusiasm. So lovely that you have that special spot to return to. I am inspired to find such a place of my own!


    • Yes, it is unfortunate that most of the time it takes an event, or an illness to make us stop and smell the roses. The faster life goes, the more we need to intentionally slow down. This topic could definitely use more exploration as I believe that so many yearn for it. I pray that you are finding your way through with God’s help

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      • On the days I start my morning with some time in the Bible and praying/ journaling, I find myself with much better wisdom to guide me in what is important for the day. So easy to get caught up in the ratrace otherwise!


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