Trail of Sweetness

by:Glynda Kinsland Johnson

“What have you spilled all over the table?” my husband asked when he walked into the kitchen.  Making jam does create a pretty big mess. I 

was still surprised as I turned to see not only a pile of sugar dumped on the table among the strawberries and jars, but also a trail of sugar leaving the kitchen. I had evidently ripped the bag of sweet stuff when I got out of the car, because the trail I left behind went all the way out to the porch.  The sight made me laugh, especially at the front door where I had turned in a circle to click the lock.  Every step was marked.

That sugar made me think. What tracks do we leave on a daily basis in life?  We may not leave visible evidence of our steps, but our Heavenly Father sees distinctly how we move through our lives. If we could see the physical markers tracing our days, would we change our path? What does our “trail” say about how we spend our time?  Are we making the most of our journey?

The clean-up took days.  I would vacuum and sweep until I thought that there was no way any sugar was left, only to find more stirred up whenever someone walked over the cracks in the floorboards.  How often does evidence of our disobedience pop out when we’ve been sure that we have cleaned up and left no trace of wrongdoing? Can we ever completely erase a wounding word or thoughtless action towards others? Consequences result from all sin, but fortunately Christ’s sacrifice will cover the stains of our less than perfect lives when we confess and ask forgiveness.

I pray that, with God’s help, my walk through life leaves a trail as sweet as that sugar.

Proverbs 4:26

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. NIV


Tags: erasing thoughtless actions, evidence of goodness, tracks of obedience, what marks your path?, wounding words

2 responses to “Trail of Sweetness

  1. Dear Glynda,
    oh! I loved your story of the Trail of Sweetness! I wanted to share a “sweet trail’ of my own with you. Yesterday I picked up my son from a friend’s house. On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items. (We needed to enjoy some corn on the cob for my son’s sake and bananas for mine!) As I checked out my purchase, I looked at the cashier and greeted her. We made eye contact and smiled. After I paid for the groceries, she said to me, “You have good energy!” Knowing that the Source of all Life and energy is Jesus Christ Himself, I replied, “That’s because I have Jesus in me!” She smiled back and said, “I knew that.” I left the store with a smile competing with the Cheshire cat! The Scripture came to mind, “We are an aroma of life to life…”
    The sweetness of Christ, how sweet it is!


    • Kathryn,
      Inspiring story! The world is hungry for the sweetness of Jesus, isn’t it? This is such a beautiful reminder to look for those small opportunities to touch others with God’s love. Such a wonderful moment to share with your son. Blessings.


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