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garage sale finds

Garage Sale Finds Refurbished

Summer is a time for great garage sale finds! Many towns do community wide garage sales where you can easily shop from one to the next without using a ton of gas. My town recently had their community garage sale where my daughter and I found most of her furniture needs for her new apartment, they all need some paint and refurbishing, but they are solid pieces that fit the budget! Of coarse, I found a couple fun finds too…
Which led me to the idea for this post, a step by step fun find craft/refurbish that anyone can do. As the photo shows, I came across a candlestick holder and a glass serving plate, each for $1.00. Immediately I thought the two would make a great marriage to become a cake stand, can’t ever have enough of those!


  • Clean items.
  • Paint the candlestick holder with two coats of Cottage Paint (clay base furniture paint), let dry.
  • Distress with a wet rag to reveal bits of the original white base.
  • Paint a simple rose design on top of candlestick holder that mimics the flowers in the glass serving plate design, let it dry.
  • Apply a light Glaze layer of Coffee Bean color glaze, allowing it to pool in the crevices, wiping back the rest of the surface, let it dry.
  • I sealed it with a satin wax, but it’s not necessary, the glaze will act as a light seal coat.
  • Apply the clear Household Hogar glue to the rim of the candlestick holder in an even layer, place the center of the glass serving plate on top, let it set-up to dry. Tips: you can measure and place tape to know where to place the glass serving plate. The glue is clear and pliable for a while, so you can easily adjust and wipe away any excess glue.
  • Let it set up for 24 hours before use.

july chicken bowlHere is a photo of a chicken bowl glued to an upside down ice cream dish, this is super easy, no painting required, but FUN results!
So next time your are at a garage sale put on your creative thinking cap and look for fun finds that can become a totally new thing. Remember, that is what God does with us when we commit our lives to Him. HE takes us with our dirt and flaws and creates a new person in a step by step process called sanctification !

Abundant Creative Blessings,
Heidi Wilt



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