Holy Spirit… What Should I Do?

Many years ago I decided to share my faith with a co-worker. While my words seemed harmless and filled with the best of intentions, it turned out to be a horrible experience for both me and this gal. Good thing the Holy Spirit came to the rescue! 

My conversation with my friend Dee (named changed to protect her identity) went something like this….

ME: “Dee, let’s stop for a coffee break.” (As we sat down in our little cubicle, I proceeded with my testimony.) “Do you know the Lord Jesus? He died for you and wants to live in your heart.” (I see her face turn red as she spouts off a mouthful of anger.)

DEE: “Barb, did you know that my first husband held a gun to my head and tried to kill me? Did you know that I was raped on a regular basis by my father? I use to sleep in the car trying to hide from him. I felt so dirty living through that.”

ME: (At this point, I’m in shock and attempt to speak more, but it’s not going well for me.) “Oh my! That had to be terrible.”

DEE:  “Well….,” she paused, “when I grew up and left home, I learned that my dad raped every one of his four children, including my two brothers. Now you tell me how a good God could let that happen!”

ME:  (SPEECHLESS. My jaw dropped in horror at what my friend just told me. I had no words. This was not the response I thought I’d receive. I sensed I needed more than the standard Jesus loves you answer! And fortunately, I knew to ask the Holy Spirit.) 

ME, praying silently to the Holy Spirit: (“Lord, how do I respond to Dee? I know you love her and want to heal her, but what should I do?”  No angels appear. No visions were seen. However, I hear the small voice of the Holy Spirit. )

HOLY SPIRIT, speaking inside my heart :   (“Barb, you tell Dee that I did not do those things to her. You tell her that I love her.” )

ME, with a tender heart of compassion for my broken-hearted friend: “Dee, I am so very sorry about all those terrible things that happened to you. I can’t imagine all you lived through. But the Lord wants me to tell you that He didn’t do those things to you, that He loves you, and that’s why He sent Jesus, to save you and heal your broken heart.”

DEE:  (MORE SILENCE.  She never said a word.)

ME:  (MORE SILENCE. I didn’t dare say anything else.  I thought that was the end of our conversation, or so I thought.. In fact, we never spoke on this topic again, until…..)


                         SCROLL AHEAD ABOUT TEN YEARS!

Dee and I no longer work together.  We parted as friends, but sadly didn’t stay in touch. I still work at that Big Blue Company, but she moved on to other jobs. And to my surprise one day, I receive a phone call from my friend. I am even more surprised at what she told me.

DEE:  “Barb, how are you? Can you help me with getting a job as a contractor?”

ME:  (I do what I can to help her, and she thanks me. Next, she shares her testimony. She has found Jesus!)

DEE:  “Barb, I just want you to know that it is because of you that I take my daughter to church on Sunday.”


                 WOW! It wasn’t me or my words that changed Dee.
                 That was a divine work of the Holy Spirit!
                  Holy Spirit, YOU ARE AMAZING! 

Here are some lessons from this story that you and I can take away:

  • The Holy Spirit is a divine person of the Trinity, and He wants to be included in your everyday life.
  • Just because you may not see God working in a situation doesn’t mean that He isn’t.
  • You CAN learn how cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Don’t be afraid to ask God for He will lead you.

I have decided to become an apprentice teacher for the Dunamis Institute, and will be going to a training session called Exousia this June. My first teaching will be on the Holy Spirit. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to share this message for…

The Holy Spirit would LOVE to do a divine work in your life, and in the lives of others today.

Just say…. WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT and let the journey start today. (If you are interested in learning more, I hope you will hop on over to my blog post today by clicking here. ) God’s got good things for you!


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