“Mommy, this dream I had really s-c-a-r-e-d me.” 

I will never forget the morning that my six year old daughter Anika awoke and shared those words. I tried to comfort her, but I knew that this dream was no ordinary dream.  Here is what she shared:

“Mom,” she exclaimed, “this big tornado swooped down into our house, picked me up, and placed me in strange desert land.

Suddenly I found myself in prison and could not escape.

There was this big bear holding a beautiful green jewel.

I was so afraid because these people tried to kill me. They sought to make me deny Jesus, but I would not do it.”

Having experienced God speaking through prophetic dreams in my own life, I insisted that my little girl write it down right away so that we wouldn’t forget. I also started thinking about how this dream should be interpreted using the Get GUI process I developed in my book Dream Discoveries.

If you don’t know yet, Get GUI means Get God’s Understanding and Interpretation.Using this simple 4-Step Process, this is what I concluded:

Step 1: Consider the Dream and its Source.
This dream was a prophetic dream from God. It was symbolic and supernatural, and it appeared to tell of the future.

Step 2: List and Interpret the Dream Symbols.
house ~ life
whirlwind ~ spirit
strange desert ~ a wilderness experience
prison ~ place of captivity
bear ~  destroyer
(Originally I thought this was symbolic of a country like Russia, but later on I
discovered that my initial conclusion was incorrect.)
jewel ~ precious stone of great worth
(At first, I had no idea of what this symbol was about.)

Step 3: Write the Dream Message.
A Whirlwind Spirit is going to pull Anika out of her home and take her to a strange new place where she will be held captive. She will turn to God and not deny His existence. .

Step 4: Test and Go.
Pray about this dream message. Continue to walk with God, and wait on Him.

While I knew what God was somewhat saying in this dream, I have to admit… I still pondered what it was about!  Would a whirlwind really pluck my daughter from her sweet home? Could I protect her from such an event? Somehow in my feeble thinking I thought this might be about a mission’s trip, but I sure was wrong!

Well, many years passed and Anika finally became a teenager. And suddenly, bizarre forces beyond our control seemed to be pulling her down. Her behavior became toxic and we were afraid for her life. It was then that my husband and I made theoverwhelming decision to send Anika to Heartlight Ministries, a residential counseling center to help troubled teens….

As we were driving her to this new school, it occurred to me that this situation could be a fulfillment of that dream.

Have you ever had a prophetic dream where God gives you a hint about your future? Did you know what to do next?

Here are some tips I’ve gleamed over the years…

  • Sometimes you don’t fully comprehend your dream until the Lord says it’s time.
    Just like the prophets of old, the meaning of your dream will often be hidden until God intends for it to be revealed.
  • Sometimes your dream won’t happen the way you think it will.
    For example, I wondered about that bear holding a green jewel. The bear didn’t refer to Russia, but actually meant destroyer. The enemy was trying to destroy Anika’s life. The green jewel was a symbol of my daughter’s precious life. Green is the color of grass which means  life, and the jewel refers to her great value and worth to God.
  • Always remember that only God knows the future.
    While our dreams messages can be a strong foretelling of the future, they are always conditional based on the choices we make. That’s why we need to daily depend on Him.
  • Learn to live your life trusting in Him.
    Regardless of whatever happens, God is still in control. You and I must continue to look to Him trusting that He can turn our ashes into beauty.

Never could I have imagined how my girl’s dream would be fulfilled. This story is just one of my many dream stories, but if you’d like to know more about biblical dream interpretation, I hope you will hop over to my blog today as I am sharing about my new book Dream Discoveries and how to get a free copy.

But I have to say this… God knew before we ever had an inkling of the difficult changes lurking ahead of us and He was already at work on our behalf. It was even confirmed last Christmas, when my Anika said to me, “Mom, I lost everything in one day. The only thing I have is Jesus.”

W.O.W. God! I know that He is working in her life and turning things around for good.
He even gave us a prophetic dream to comfort and encourage us that He is, indeed, in this whirlwind. I can also see how Anika is drawing closer to God, making good progress, and I am so thankful.

Now how about your Dream Discoveries… as I’d love to hear from you.
Has the Lord ever given you a whirlwind dream foretelling of His Spirit? What did you do about it?


— Learn to Hope and Dream with Purpose
– Launching Dream Discoveries


  1. I so love how God gets in touch with us. It’s so personal and loving. Struggles are hard, but we are not alone…that is the truth.


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