Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

For the last few months, I’ve been living in a teenage typhoon with my sixteen year old drama queen. Since middle school, I’ve battled with her entitlement mentality, her disrespectful attitudes and rebellion, and the abominable culture that is everywhere.

With all our strength my husband and I tried to help our daughter see the light. We prayed daily for wisdom and we continue to do so, but sadly, we came to the conclusion that we could not give her what she needed. And so, with heavy hearts we went looking for boarding schools.

Can you imagine sending your child away? I knew that one day she would leave our nest, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this perfect storm. With many tears, we made the long drive to the school to drop her off. It was the best option we had.

On a Sunday afternoon, we broke the gruesome news to our sweetie and we left for Texas driving over thirty-two hours in four days. When we arrived home, we were emotionally and physically exhausted, but I had already planned to go on a ladies’ retreat the next weekend. With one day to rest, I packed up for this Passionate Pursuit Conference for I knew I needed God and my girlfriends.

It was another hard drive as hurricane Joachim hovered over our state. Extra careful on the road, I made sure I didn’t hydroplane the car. However, when I arrived, amidst the pouring rain and all the confusion of people getting their bags out of the car, I accidentally backed into a parked car. Apparently, my car’s camera sensors did not alert me when I was so close to another car. UGH! (Of course, I did the right thing and left my info so the owner could contact me for repairs.)

For a moment or two, I was so frustrated. I tried so hard to be careful, working towards perfection, but accidents will happen. It’s sort of like parenting… we struggle to do the right thing by our children, but sometimes mistakes cannot be avoided. Yet, it’s a beautiful life right where I am.

That evening I entered into worship and community with my beautiful sisters in Christ. I felt better. Again, the enemy tried to trigger me, but this time in my sleep. Satan attacked me with a nasty nightmare, but God was loved on me in the morning for I awoke with God singing the song OVERWHELMED over me.

I am not overwhelmed by the storm, but overwhelmed by the Spirit of God.

Today the Lord wants to overwhelm me and you with His presence. In spite of all the upheavals in our lives, His love, His peace, and His joy are available to us who believe. Our Mighty Warrior will sing over us.

Have you ever experienced God singing over you? What was He singing? How did it encourage you?


P.S. I hate nightmares, don’t you?  It’s especially awful when you are going through a tough time. I hope you’ll come visit me on my website as I’ll be talking about how to deal with a Nasty Nightmare by being overwhelmed in Christ.


7 responses to “Overwhelmed

  1. Your key verse from Zephaniah 3:17 brings to mind “Might to Save” recored by Hillsong United. I hear that song in my head quite often. The thought of God rejoicing over me in song always makes me smile! Along with being mindful of His presence.
    Thank you for sharing about your daughter. I will be praying for her and the rest of your family during this time.


    • Thanks so much for the prayers Brenda. I so appreciate them during this time. And I’ll have to look up that song “Might to Save” by Hillsong. I am sure it will make me smile too.


  2. Oh yeah! I do know that song and I am now thinking about Him moving this mountain. Thanks for the encouragement Lisa and Brenda.


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