wooden_door_zkShJWO_Why do we so often keep to ourselves?

Are we keeping our passion under lock and key?

Is our mask of self-reliance really just a cover for our dread of the untried and the unknown?

What do we lock away when we let fear invade our hearts…just money and possessions?

Thoughts, feelings, and insecurities are often harbored behind shields of doubt, and sadly, so is unrealized potential.


 What are we keeping in?

 Who are we keeping out?

The biggest question…

   What are we missing?


“For I am the Lord your God    

who takes hold of your right hand 

and says to you,

Do not fear;    

I will help you.”

Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)


Read that verse again…The Lord, our God, will take our hand and walk with us on the path that He has designed for us.  Exciting!! He will lead the way.  All we must do is trust Him to provide and direct.

Jesus broke all the chains when He died in our stead.  The chains of sin, separation from God, and fear…all gone because of His sacrifice.

So why do we hesitate to step out, open up, follow our calling?  We are nothing and will be nothing without God holding our hand. But with Him…only the Lord knows the outcome.


What are we missing?

We are missing the power and the glory and the honor of fully serving a risen Savior.  We are missing countless opportunities to know the Lord more intimately and to understand His nature more completely. 


Throw away the chains of doubt, toss aside the key of regret, and step out in faith.  You really have nothing to lose and ALL to gain.

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