I am an adventurous type.  I love to travel and discover new places. I am blessed to be able to do this often throughout the year.  I think God loves us to discover new things about His creation and I,  as His child, love to find them.  I think as we take to the open road this summer – we need to take our sense of anticipation and blessing with us.

Anticipate that God has something planned for you to find along the journey – it is not the destination He purposed for you, rather the entire journey.   Think of your trip as a circle – the whole trip is the complete circle.  You can not take out one of two pieces and still have a complete circle.  From Gods’ perspective the whole circle is His plan for you, not just one or two segments, embrace your trip with this fact in mind – Gods’ Blessing will be on the entire trip.  Purpose to enjoy it (even the packing and unpacking).

Sense of Blessing – expect to be blessed as you change your thinking to the entire trip not just a part.

How many times have we as a family gotten into the family vehicle snapping and cranky as we headed out to start our wonderful “bonding” time together.  Tempers run high and nerves are frayed as we try to make sure we have “everything” we need.  Do a mental exercise – put this part of the trip into your travel circle  (the whole trip)  and know that it is a part of the journey – expect God to bless this part as well, take a deep breath and continue….

For me – it is like the game  hide and seek just on a bigger level.  When I travel  I expect to “find” some really cool things God has made on the way from packing to driving, (or flying or ???) to unpacking – the complete journey.

God is faithful and will meet us wherever we are in our travel circle.

Written by: Jane Wheeler

Ray of Sunshine Ministries

One response to “THE OPEN ROAD

  1. Jane, I love this perspective! My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for a week of open road. Literally we did not plan anything except 1 hotel room on wednesday night in Houghton Mi. The rest is going to be left up to God and His plans for us. We are just taking a small cooler, the explorer with a memory foam mattress in back, and two kayaks up top…..just us the road and the Lord….should be interesting. I will look for His blessings as we travel and see His great creation!


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