Band-Aids of the Heart

july bandaid

“Honey, guess what the Lord told me?”

That day I had the most exciting news to share with my husband. As I relayed my deep self-revelation, he dotingly replied, “Barb, I’ve been telling you that for years!”

“Well, darling,” I beamed with joy, “today I got it.

Why is it that someone can tell you and even tell you the truth numerous times in love, but you won’t get it until you get it? Such are the deep matters of your heart.

Your heart comprises the core personality and belief systems of who you really are on the inside. It contains your selfish desires and holy passions, your conscious feelings and hidden emotions, your fears and your faith. Created in the image of God, your heart was designed to flourish in a loving relationship. However, your heart also has the innate ability to be shattered with deep wounds that can leave you with a fragmented life.

Luckily, God has purposely fashioned you and me with defense mechanisms. So when bad stuff happens, and we all know it will, those natural defense mechanisms will kick-in. We start protecting our hearts in an effort to lessen the pain. We dissociate. We project. We rationalize. We even regress and repress, and sadly, we fortify the hearts in our hearts with unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and don’t forget pride.

I call all these things Band-Aids of the Heart. And just like that catchy little jingle you might remember, “I am stuck on Band-Aids,” you can get stuck on Band-Aids because Band-Aids will stick on you. While Band-Aids marvelously provide temporary relief, they must be removed at some point. Otherwise, there is no long-term freedom in Christ.

Would you like to know how to recognize those Band-Aids of your Heart? Perhaps God would use a dream to reveal such such a piece of your fragmented heart? My book Dream Discoveries covers so much more than basic biblical dream interpretation to understand God’s voice for directions and encouragement.

In fact, two chapters are solely devoted to healing and dreams with information about the deep healing of your heart using the fabulous healing ministry of Jesus. Would you like to know more?

I will teaching an on-line Bible for 8 weeks this fall so that you can understand what God might be saying using biblical dream interpretation. Even if you are not a regular dreamer, you can use these same principles to test the prophetic words and revelations that you receive. You might even recognize some Band-Aids of your own heart so that you can pull them off and start walking in freedom.

If you are interested, please hop over to my blog for details about the Dream Discoveries On-Line Study this fall and how you can enroll.

Wishing you beautiful dreams,


Barb Koob

Barbara Koob is an ordinary woman who has learned to hope and dream with purpose. An author, speaker and teacher, Barb loves to cultivate deep friendships while enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday life. You can find her journaling about being a real Barbie Doll on her road to freedom at

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