Get Up and Go


When you wake up in the wee hours of the morning, do you look at the clock? (Please don’t tell me you actually sleep soundly all night long.) Friends tell me to keep my eyes off of it, but I just can’t! The reason has nothing to do with wondering how much longer until I must get out of bed though. No, I am actually looking for a hidden nugget. From God.

You see, God and I have a special thing going with the numbers that are displayed on a digital clock. Let me explain…

It all started immediately after the 9/11 terrorists attacks. How can any of us forget that horrific day? Yes, that date will be forever etched in our minds. Frequently seeing that the time was 9:11, God placed it upon my heart to not only remember, but also to pray.

Next I started to notice, with regular frequency, when it was 10:16. What’s so significant about that moment? My oldest son entered this world on October 16th.  Immediately lifting up my grown son and his family in prayer still helps me feel close and connected. (Sorry, Trevor, I rarely see 8:04.)

Oh, but He didn’t stop there. At some point the Holy Spirit nudged me to start looking at the clock when I woke up in the middle of the night.

Hmmm, could those digital numbers represent a Bible verse? One that might be relevant to my current circumstances?

One such example was when I woke up and noted it was 3:33. The following morning it happened again. 3:33. Two mornings in a row!

Searching through the Bible there wasn’t a Chapter 3, verse 33 that had any specific correlation. However, thumbing through the book of Jeremiah I noticed that Jeremiah 33:3 was underlined. Same numbers, just a different placement of the colon.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Those words had become so true for me at that specific point in time.

I had been searching. Desperately seeking. Calling His name.

And God had indeed opened my eyes to His great truths and promises. Nuggets He was ready for me to find. The revelation of those numbers two nights in a row was a huge marker in my faith walk. I had finally seen that intimacy with the Lord and faithful obedience truly mattered in our relationship.

Father’s Day 2016, the eve of the Summer Solstice, an almost full moon began its ascension into the star filled sky. I would have loved to just sit outside and gaze at the moon and stars, but after a busy celebration weekend, it was early to bed.

When I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, I had to look. I was  3:22.

I tossed and turned. I prayed. But the nudge to get up was overpowering! Finally by 4:45 the calling was clear. The small voice whispering GET UP!

As if following that voice in a trance, I walked outside to the deck overlooking the lake. The sound of the waves gently lapping against the rocks was heavenly. The full-looking moon shining over the water, like the setting sun, took my breath away. God’s majestic workmanship was on display, and He was there to receive the glory.

Having my trusty phone with me, I began searching my Bible App for the significance of 3:22. No doubt I was about to stumble on a hidden treasure. Sure enough, there it was in Ezekiel 3:22:

Then the Lord took hold of me and said, “Get up and go out into the valley, and I will speak to you there.”

So awestruck by what I read, all I could do was wait. And listen.  For God Almighty to speak.

The weeks before Father’s Day, I had been a mess! Experiencing very real spiritual warfare because of a difficult relationship. Of course, God was aware of the battle and there to offer His armor of protection—the God breathed word of Scripture.

God’s presence can come to us in a visible way—like a magnificent Summer Solstice full moon. But His presence can always be felt as we encounter His word.

The Father allows us to choose which voice to follow. God’s Truths? Or Satan’s vicious lies?

Either roll over and go back to sleep. Or GET UP and GO to God.

So thankful for that 3:22 wake-up call.

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3 responses to “Get Up and Go

  1. I too get up often in the middle of the night, and somehow I can always tell when God is calling me versus satan stealing my peace. I haven’t had the numbers experience myself, but once when I was fasting for my daughter and her family I woke up to the song that my stove plays when the timer is going off….I followed the melody confused…for it was 3:00 in the morning, and I hadn’t set that timer in days….when I reached out to turn off the alarm, I felt a distinct impression in my heart that said…it is finished. The next morning I broke my fast . It is always amazing to me the ways that God reaches our hearts and our minds. I think He is always looking for that one area where we are listening…..thank you brenda! Wonderful post!

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  2. Brenda…Really makes me think ….and I need a clock by my bed!


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