Revelations Large and Small


To me this word is of epic proportions; intimidating.  Not just the Book of Revelation, but the whole concept of God revealing things.  It is awesome, frightening,amazing, incredible….

Amos 4:13

He who forms the mountains,

creates the wind,

and reveals His thoughts to man…

the Lord God Almighty is His name.

But if I look back over my Christian walk, I realize there have been many revelations.  There have been moments of sudden understanding and comprehension of scripture through study and guidance.  These are not epic revelations, but are critical to the spiritual growth of each one of us. There was also a very important revelation to me during one Sunday service, as we recited the Lord’s prayer.  Not a voice, but just an understanding that my son was delivered from evil.  I hang onto this Holy Spirit filled moment that has brought me peace.  What a terrific gift from God.  So my prayer today is that we would all be able to be aware of what is being revealed to us.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for allowing us to approach the throne and to ask for Your help and revelations. Please help us to see and hear, to notice,  what You want us to notice.  We ask for help from  our Christian friends, our church families, and all those around us.  May we be able to impact the world around us for good and be Your hands and feet.  Let us not be afraid, but embrace the Holy Spirit and the gifts we are given, both large and small.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

One response to “Revelations Large and Small

  1. I love those minute by minute revelations! They reveal such amazing truth….truth that may not mean anything significant to anyone but us…but that is why they are so great! I just love how personal God is with our everyday moments…revealing to those who are listening, secret’s and revelations. If we listen an look closely….He is there … in every moment of every day. I am so glad that He revealed that truth to you Claudia….He loves you immensely


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