The Open Road



I am an adventurous type.  I love to travel and discover new places. I am blessed to be able to do this often throughout the year.  I think God loves us to discover new things about His creation and I,  as His child, love to find them.  I think as we take to the open road this summer – we need to take our sense of anticipation and blessing with us.

Anticipate that God has something planned for you to find along the journey – it is not the destination He purposed for you, rather the entire journey.   Think of your trip as a circle – the whole trip is the complete circle.  You can not take out one of two pieces and still have a complete circle.  From Gods’ perspective the whole circle is His plan for you, not just one or two segments, embrace your trip with this fact in mind – Gods’ Blessing will be on the entire trip.  Purpose to enjoy it (even the packing and unpacking).

Sense of Blessing – expect to be blessed as you change your thinking to the entire trip not just a part.

How many times have we as a family gotten into the family vehicle snapping and cranky as we headed out to start our wonderful “bonding” time together.  Tempers run high and nerves are frayed as we try to make sure we have “everything” we need.  Do a mental exercise - put this part of the trip into your travel circle  (the whole trip)  and know that it is a part of the journey – expect God to bless this part as well, take a deep breath and continue….

For me - it is like the game  hide and seek just on a bigger level.  When I travel  I expect to “find” some really cool things God has made on the way from packing to driving, (or flying or ???) to unpacking – the complete journey.

God is faithful and will meet us wherever we are in our travel circle.

Written by: Jane Wheeler

Ray of Sunshine Ministries

2 responses to “The Open Road

  1. I just love this Jane! Travel preparations can certainly get you down when you have a certain idea of how things are supposed to go…and then they don’t😉 Maybe this is God’s way of getting us to loosen up…go with the flow…approach life with palms up and open. There is so much to discover….but we have to be able to see first! Thank you for the reminder. Barb is coming in a couple of weeks and we are going to go to Mackinac island to pick up my husband and friends from a sailing trip. (Port huron to Mac race) looking forward to the down time…and to spend some moments with good friends…..


  2. I loved it as well! Had to laugh when you wrote that we need to enjoy the packing too. I dread the packing part! (Could it be because I just have too much in my closet???) But God taught me a lesson recently when my luggage failed to reach my destination on the same flight I did, much less the same day. All that stressing over what to pack was indeed wasted energy! I have since decluttered my closet. Now I just need to remember that the packing is the first part of the whole circle. Great visual for the next excursion.


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