Why Do You Need to Read Your Bible?

Why do you need to read your Bible?

by Janis Cox


“Listen to God.”

I’ve read that. I’ve tried that. But it wasn’t until I really believed it that it made a big difference. In order to listen to God I must read His Word. I can also listen to Him through sermons, devotionals, other people, and in the silence.

But the best messages I have received have been through His Word.

For the past while – I’m not even sure how long – I have run a linkup every weekend called Word of God Speak. Lately, I started to not enjoy putting up the link. I started to get stressed having to do it every weekend even when I went on holidays or had other things to do. And let’s face it – it is a very left brained job to do. I had to remember to set it up; to remember to send an email; to check if people linked up (pride?)

I remember when I first met Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience, she suggested that we not even put in a comment section because we should only be writing for God and if others read it – a bonus. But I didn’t go that way. I liked the comments. I liked feeling needed.

Now God has come along side me again and said – stop this. Don’t do the linkup any longer. Instead be free to follow where and what I (God) want you to do.

I did this. I stopped the linkup on December 31. Now I am free to write when He tells me and what He tells me. I thought it funny that in the past week I have gained 2 subscribers and had more views (yes I checked).

I also asked Him for a word this year. Last year my word was ABOUND from 2 Corinthians 9:8.

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

This year I heard Him say FINISH and GO. There are many things that I need to finish and after that I know He will send me where He wants me to go. Read more on my New Year’s Blog post.

I love my morning reading time. I am now working through prayer scriptures. I use the SIMPLE Bible Study Method and then I journal a picture and my thoughts.

For 31 days I did Bible journaling and prayers advocating against human trafficking. This was an amazing time and God showed me that it is indeed in His Word that we should live. Here are some of the words that came out of those 31 days of scripture and prayer.

Proclaim, liberty, needy, poor, truth, freedom, humble, pray, forgive, heal, deliverance, lost sheep, dignified, subject to authority, justice, weak, fatherless, afflicted, destitute, do not fear, gift of God, spring of water, eternal life, set free, evil doers can’t hide, never avenge, trust, merciful, refuge, wicked, Father’s love, children of God, share bread, God – my rock, shield, led by the Spirit, created in the image of God, God sees all, Do good to all, don’t throw stones, overcome evil by good, seek the Lord with all my heart and soul.

Do those words stir your soul like they do mine?

And here are some of those journal pictures.



Are you reading and studying God’s Word? If not, what is your excuse? He will give you the time if you ask Him for it. I would love to hear from you – but I am not going to be distressed if you don’t comment because from now on I am doing this for Him.

8 responses to “Why Do You Need to Read Your Bible?

  1. I loved your post today. Although I highlight my Bible I’ve not thought to actually journal pictures in it. I’d be interested in why you used a castle. Can you still see the scriptures?


    • Hi Rene,
      Most of the time I can see the scriptures. But other times not - but this is my painting Bible for learning scriptures so I don’t worry - I have lots of Bibles. The Scripture said: The castle in which I live.


  2. Beautiful! Yes, when we commit our life to Him and work everything as to the Lord, there is a peace that envelopes and the results are completely up to Him. I’ve gotten a bit off track myself, and the message I heard was -stop resisting what I am trying to do in your life. Lean into me and I will accomplish great things through you.- Sometimes my head gets in the way, but He seems to always manage thick me back into play. Love the pictures.. I’ve been doing a bit of that myself, and to respond to the last comment, yes, you can see the scripture through it. …as long as you don’t use opaque acrylics 😉


    • Hi Lisa, I am learning that my morning time is essential. I gave up an 8 am tap dance class 3 times a week because it was disrupting God and me from our rhythm. I can changed my routine sometimes but this was a constant. And I heard him say: Put it down. So I did. And if you read The Story of With by Allen Arnold you will see that if we are constantly with Him, not ahead or behind we can relax in His ways.


    • Thank you. I hope what you say is true. Sometimes it seems that I come up against a brick wall. But I know that I have to keep trying.


  3. I agree, it takes a lot to run a link up. I have been so blessed by the comments left on mine, and I know others have been blessed through my writing. I enjoyed your words here, and your Bible art is lovely!

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    • Hi Barbie, You run an excellent linkup. I enjoyed it for a time and the comments but felt God leading me elsewhere. Thank you for the lovely compliments.


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