Crack in the Door



The crack in the door to 2017 is getting larger – almost large enough to kick it wide open and see what is on the other side. A sneak peek into what the next 10 months hold for each one of us.

Wouldn’t that be great? Or would it be scary?  Perhaps we could be prepared, we could let others know what is going to happen.

I found a prayer that I wrote out to God a while ago – it is kind of personal – me and God time sharing. But as I re-read it I think it portrays where I am at.  I want my first love back with God. I want passion and purpose to resurrect itself and take over again but not for 10 more months - for life!

Father, I repent, confess that I have been living selfishly. My pride and my will have not bowed to You – Please forgive me. I have seen everyone else’s speck but have been oblivious to my log.  Lord, I have prayed that You would show me exorbitant and lavish love. You already have but I was too blind to see it. Forgive me.  You said that by shutting down and shutting off (my form of self –protection) that I am hardened as well as dead.  There is no fertile ground to sow in. Forgive me.

Job said, “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Job 13:15.

You want me to say, “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him and believe that He knows what He is doing and it is okay.” That Your will might be done on earth, in me, as it is in heaven. Lord let it be and forgive me my hardness, my pride, my selfishness and self-protection. Lord may it truly be true that Your will, not mine be done on earth in me, as it is in heaven. Let me be soft, fertile ground in which You can plant, and grow something beautiful.  Then let the reflection of my face shine softly and radiantly, not hard and harsh.

Thank you that You have waited every day for this prodigal daughter to come home; then when You saw me You ran to me with arms wide open – that is exorbitant and lavish love.

Jane Wheeler

Ray of Sunshine Ministries

2 responses to “Crack in the Door

  1. Oh, Jane…did I ever need to read your words this morning! Especially “I have seen everyone else’s speck but been oblivious to my own.” I have been knit-picking my sweet husband to pieces lately instead of showering him, and obviously God, with my love and respect. Can’t love my second love well if I’m being disobedient to my first. God used you to my heart.


  2. Ah, Jane, it is so hard to live this life witHouten selfish desire. We have such passions, and the line between embracing them and exploiting them for our own purposes is so fine. I love your prayer of offering and letting go. It is one that we all should embrace each morning as we dive into His daily purposes for us…that His will be done instead of our own selfish one. Thankfully He is a merciful and grace filled God, ready to welcome us into His loving arms anew each morning. Thank you for the reminder that should keep us all on our knees. God bless your words and your heart.


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