IMG_7562There once was a little girl who dreamed that one day she would become a princess.  She would meet her prince and he would carry her away to a place where there was no pain.    Over the years as the girl began to grow, her heart was hardened by hurts and her dreams slowly drifted away.   But He knew that some day the girl would come out of her cocoon, He promised her abundance, and although she didn’t quite believe, He would be her miracle worker.

The cocoon – protection and insulation from the outside world.  Isolation to ensure that she remained strong.    Each layer is comprised of anger, fear, resentment, hurt and sadness.

The evil one watched the cocoon and preyed on her weakness.  He continued to wear her thoughts, actions and feed the fears in her heart.  She had no strength to break through.

But the He knew that inside the cocoon was something magical that would emerge – all in His perfect time.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10 NIV)

In order for the butterfly princess to emerge, she had to let go of the pain, of the hurt, and believe she deserved more.   Time began to heal the wounds, she started to build strength from the inside out.    She leaned on her Creator more and more, slowly a metamorphosis happened – trigger through forgiveness, and replaced by love.

“Dear Lord, help me to replace anger with love, allow me to love others as You love us all.   On earth Jesus forgave those who hurt, tortured and killed Him.    You have forgiven all children without hesitation.    Help me to forgive, help me to let go of the anger and the pain.   Take away all thoughts and feelings of retaliation.  Help me to truly forgive those who have wronged me, and show Your grace through my actions.    Only by the power of Your Holy Spirit will I be able to do this.  Guide me Father, I pray for this in Jesus Name Amen.”

Forgiveness is such a powerful action.   It allows us to move forward in our lives.

A crack, an opening in the cocoon, slowly the wings emerged.   At first she was a bit wobbly, but then over time her wings became strong and she soared.  She began to fly, with reliance on Him.  He was the wind beneath her wings.

And she lived happily ever after – because she chose to rely on Him and His promises.    Over time all of His promises of abundance came true in her life.  He shaped her into the beautiful butterfly that she was always meant to be, surrounded by the love she always deserved.

The story of the butterfly is what we all deserve.    However, if we don’t believe it, our thoughts will in turn shape our current reality.

Trust in His promises.   You have a choice – do you choose to feed the demon inside your mind, or do you choose to trust that you deserve more?   Fly my friends, fly.

May you be blessed,


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