Happy Birthday America!


Fourth of July is upon us and I thought it would be fun to re-purpose an old vase I rarely every use; partially due to the fact that it is really plain. I came across some really cool Star beads and this blue 20 gauge wire on clearance and was inspired to make this project.

This is actually a really fun project for kids too! It can be used for any occasion although I am using it for the fourth of July in this article. You are only limited by what you can imagine!.

First of all you will need that plain old vase, some 20 gauge wire, and beads of your choice. No tools are required although if you have some jewelry making tools feel free to use them to create your own design.20140515_133328

First of all I looped the top of the vase with a piece of the 20 gauge wire. Leaving the ends a bit long and twisting them twice to secure the wire in place. This way the loop I secure and the long ends can be beaded to accentuate if I chose to at the close of the project. I like to leave myself options, especially when I am experimenting such as this case.

I hooked a new loop to the main collar of the vase; twisting the wire once again to secure it to the main collar. For the red white and blue theme, I am using blue wire and using silver beads (for my white) and my red star beads to accentuate the vase. I honestly had no pattern in mind I just started putting on beads and then I would bend the wire a bit to hold the star in place then string on a silver bead and twist it with my fingers to hold it in place, in two separate places and then add another star and so on and so just working with it to get a desired look.

20140515_133249Nice thing about 20 gage wire is that you can twist and bend and un-twist and un-bend. Just love it and it is not hard on your fingers.


When you have your vase beaded to your liking. Add in some flowers and some glass beads to complete your project. I just fell in love with repurposing this vase not to mention I have a really nice center piece for our family gathering picnic table. It was a very relaxing project to work on for a rainy day. I hope that you and your family might enjoy creating your own little work of art. God bless America and may he bless you and your family.



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