love is in the air


“But the greatest of these is Love”

1Corinthians 13:13


We were born to desire it…then spend the rest of our lives in search of it. It is perhaps one of the most complex subjects that humans have ever given their attention to.

  • Ask one person what love means to them and they will describe the soaring feelings of infatuation that accompany a new relationship.
  • Another may tell you how a friend’s sacrifice of time when they were at their lowest point in life, saved them, and truly displayed what true love is.
  • And yet a third will relay a story of a long standing relationship that stood the test of time, and through many trials managed to stay committed.

Love means many things to many people. Some claim to love bacon…others the smell of roses. The word over time has evolved from something meant to communicate the sacred, into an overused cliché. But foundationally, it is an exploration of what it means to be human, and to seek something unfailing in an uncertain world.

Psychology today describes love as the most profound emotion known to humans, with its expression most often connected to “a romantic relationship with a compatible partner”.

They go on to suggest that “The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate.” The capacity to cultivate these relationships depends greatly upon how our needs were met as a child, and arguably throughout our whole lives.

For the month of February, a beautiful life will be tackling the idea of love and all of its intricacies:

  • The love of God
  • The love of others
  • The love of self
  • Accepting and giving love.

I know, a bit cliché given that February 14th is Valentine’s Day - the most famous day of the year devoted to love. But it seems no matter how much we read or learn about the subject, it is never enough. We seek to learn more in an effort to master it in our lives.

But it all begins with the Lord

Join us on our month long journey into this greatly desired emotion. Discover new ways of seeing its presence in your life.  Find the foundation from which to build upon so that even when it seems to be lacking, you will be filled in more profound ways.

Our prayer is that you will find, nurture, and grow the love that we all have searched so long for.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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