Dear Vanessa ~ Love One Another

Sometimes it is hard to love one another isn’t it?   Life gets messy, people are emotional, stuff happens.

But we are asked to respond in love.     Before we can do this, we must love ourselves.   Some may be thinking, I already love myself, its simple.   But do you really love yourself from the inside out?

I believe that in order for us to love ourselves, we must nurture ourselves and not look to external means for validation.   Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you ever feel envy?

  • Do you ever feel jealous?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then perhaps you need to investigate the why.

It has taken me most of my life to love myself.   I often wondered why this was.   But as I look back, I know that when I looked in the mirror I did not see beauty.   I saw a blank face staring back at me.   I know that it came from believing what others said about me, in my youth and childhood I was bullied.   I would never change that experience for anything in the world, because every moment helps us become who we were meant to be.     Letting go of the external validation was such a big step for me, and not being critical of myself or others was a leap.

Here’s the thing, when we are critical of others, it is simply a reflection of ourselves.   What do you see when you are looking in the mirror?

Really look to understand the why’s ….

I am so thankful for the love of family.   This is something that has carried me through over the years.   For me the definition of family are those that love you unconditionally.    

 What have I learned about my messy life, and sometimes messy family I live in?   We love one another with our whole hearts, and although we may not agree and often have fiery conversations, what you see is what you get.    Every difficult time allowed us to discover something about each other.   Love has carried us through.  

I have realized that it is through our brokenness we are restored.   By relying on one another, by extending the hand, and through our LOVE.

Love one another.

Love has carried me through the good, the bad and the ugly.  

I am thankful for the love that made us strong. I am thankful for love that is unconditional.

Loving yourself is always the biggest step forward.   And if you are fortunate enough to find someone to share this life with, likely their strengths are your weaknesses. Remember that we were brought together for a reason. Appreciate all those that have been brought into your life.

When I look in my husbands’ eyes, I know he was perfectly made for me.  I have learned that it is ok not to always be right, I have learned that my need to control really has inhibited me at times.   It is through giving up control that I see his strengths.    I am so thankful for learning to listen rather than being heard.    

God has been gracious in my life, and has taught me many lessons through the ones I love.    

Love one another as you would love yourself.   In the good, the bad, and the ugly, ask yourself if you can show love first. It has ripple effects.

May you be blessed today, who can you show some love to today?

Dear Lord God,

I thank-you for all the lessons.  I am still learning.   It through your grace we can overcome anything.   You have brought every person into our lives for a reason.   I thank-you for each one of them - both friends and perceived enemies.   May I learn to show love in my actions, help me to pause, reflect, and show your grace. I pray for this in Jesus Name Amen.

May you blessed my friend, would love to hear from you.  Consider leaving a comment today on the love you have shared with others.


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4 responses to “Dear Vanessa ~ Love One Another

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  2. Thank you, Vanessa for your sensitive and heartfelt post. Have been going through a rough patch and needed to hear this.

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    • Bless you Maria, remember God hears, he loves you beautiful lady.


  3. God is so good isn’t He?! Thinking of you


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