Being a good steward of your lawn mower


Well it is that time of year again to tackle those maintenance projects.  Before the Holidays start I like to take an afternoon to give some of my equipment much needed attention. Changing the oil and filter on your lawn mower can be one of the simplest and most effective things you can do as a preventative maintenance.

Here is my step by step for my lawn mower. Although you can use the same concept on any equipment you have. It is best if you have you original manual but if you don’t, most often the unit will have on the oil cap the type of oil that it uses.

Tip: If you do not have your original manual, you can put in the make and model into Google and usually you will find an online manual that you can download.

Be sure to have the type of oil (typically 5W-30), oil filter, air and spark plug on hand. Part no’s for each are located in your manual but my tractor actually had a parts list under the hood.

Step 1: Open your valve and allow all the oil to drain out of your lawn mower. I use a seal able container so I can take it in to have it recycled.




Step2:  Remove the cover to your air filter, check to see if it needs replacing. This filter allows air to flow through the engine and if it isn’t clean it causes your engine to work harder. Just pull the filter out and replace with new one it is so easy.



Step 3: You will need a “Deep Socket wrench” to get your spark plug out. Loosen and remove it. Pop the new spark plug in right away.


Step 4: Replace the cap to the oil drain valve. Using a funnel put in your new oil. Be VERY sure you do not overfill it. Overfilling is just as bad as not having any oil. Add a little at a time and then check your dipstick to see where the level is then add more until it shows it is full.

Step 5: Have blades sharpened or replaced.

A few hours now will make a whole difference in the spring.  The maintenance schedule used for this tractor is below. It is a great reference for any type of lawnmower.

Tip: Now is also a good time to change the filters on your furnace and clean out your air ducts too.

Lord I am grateful that I have the equipment that makes life’s work easier! I am also grateful for the ability and know how to maintain them. Stewardship is very important and is something we are called to do.

Mischele Makhlouf

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