Encouraging Words

feb encouraging words

“We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us…..if it is to encourage, then give encouragement.” Romans 12:6,8

Mission Field: Almont, MI and surrounding areas
Outreach reach: 20 (widows, seniors, chronically ill, lonely)
Mission Statement: To enhance the lives of those who are in need of encouragement through written correspondence.

Have you ever received an unexpected package in the mail? Or even a simple letter or card; and it wasn’t even your birthday? Think about how that simple gesture lifted your spirits.  Even if you were having the best day ever, I’ll bet your mood soared to even greater heights!

At a small, loving, community church in Almont, there exists a group of women who have the gift of encouragement; and they are using it to share the love of God.  The idea is that each member of this outreach writes a short letter or sends a card, one or two times a month, to a couple of people that are in need of encouragement, a kind word, or just simply need to know that they are not alone. What a blessing this must be to others!

The outreach started in 2010 with a couple of women who simply wanted to share God’s love and compassion for His people, and has grown to more than 6 writer’s blessing over 20  people in need of encouragement. The idea has expanded into a nearby community, and promises to be a welcome respite for the lonely and ill there as well.

Cards and letters also find their way into the hands of those who may not need continuing support, but have had a tragedy or an accident and merely need to feel an arm around their shoulders. These women feel passionately about the need that they are filling and are very excited to see what God has in store for 2014. They hope to grow their ministry this year with a few more writers and are always watching for those who would be blessed by this ministry.

Do you like to make or send cards? Could your church or community use an outreach program like this to bless the sick or the lonely? Maybe God is tugging on your heartstrings right now, or maybe you just thought about someone that you have been meaning to contact for some time. Listen to the call to join God in His work. Write that letter. Send a card. Make someone’s day.

Being the hands and feet of Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to sell everything we have and move to Africa. There is a mission field right outside your door where people are in need of God’s love and words right here…right now…right where you are.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Do you know of a group who writes letters of encouragement?  We would love to hear about them!  Consider leaving a comment ~


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